Chris Harrison Wants to Know Why Madison Left The Bachelor
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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Wants to Know Why Madison Left The Bachelor

Rosemaster Chris Harrison can't wait to find out. "I find her very intriguing," Chris writes in his weekly post-Bachelor blog for Entertainment Weekly. "I look forward to talking to her at the 'Women Tell All' special because like Brad I can't quite figure her out. Did she come on this show for her 15 minutes of fame and then all of a sudden feel guilty about it after hearing Emily’s story? Did she come on the show with her defenses up (the fangs), putting on a show, not really letting everybody in — only to realize she made a big mistake and blew a good chance? All I know is there's a lot more to this woman than meets the eye, and to Brad's credit he saw it right away. My only hope is whatever her motivation, she learned a valuable life lesson from this experience and can grow from here."

She did learn one valuable lesson: She's one of the normals and the others are crazies!

Ashley S. gets competitive: During the action movie group date, Ashley — bolstered by the confidence of having a rose in hand — was back at the house creating little challenges for the girls. "She bet the girls they couldn't eat eight saltines in a minute or eat a teaspoon of cinnamon," Chris writes. "Very serious stuff." Will ABC post videos of that summer camp-esque action?

Emily makes everyone cry: Between Ashley, Chantal O'Brien, and Emily Maynard all sharing their stories, Chris agrees with us that this was "easily one of the most emotional episodes we have ever had." He writes, "When Emily let the girls in on her past and the tragedy that had taken place, the women fell apart. You saw a little bit of it, but the crying didn't stop for some time, and understandably so. Interestingly enough this is what really sent Madison over the edge. After she heard the story she sulked around the house for a bit and just realized she wasn't in this for the same reasons Emily and the other girls were." On the topic of the Brad/Emily life story revelation, Chris writes, "There was something special about that moment for both of them that I haven't seen on any other date we've ever had on this show. It was really good to see Emily genuinely smile for the first time this season."

Ashley Hebert's insecurities:
Last week Chris wrote about the "great first date syndrome" and his speculation (as if he doesn't know what's coming!) that Ashley H. would eventually fall victim to the curse. "At the party Ashley H.'s struggles with 'first date syndrome' were clearly getting worse," Chris dishes. "She's feeling more and more insecure by the day." Ruh-roh!

What's next? The Michelle drama escalates! "As you can probably tell Michelle is relentless. She's strong, calculated, and ready to go after what she wants, and that's a dangerous combination for the other women. She really starts rubbing girls the wrong way — Chantal in particular. This is a battle that will build in the weeks to come." Woo hoo!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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