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The Bachelor

Light Dawns on Brad Womack: “I’m Beginning to Realize How Aggressive Michelle Is”

It'd be fun to watch The Bachelor along with Brad Womack, because he seems shocked by everything he sees. For example, he's just now getting the memo that Michelle Money is a little (or a lot) nuts.

"I'm beginning to realize how aggressive Michelle is," Brad writes in his weekly People magazine blog. "It's surprising to hear some of the things she's saying about the other women."

Welcome to reality, Brad!

Group date bonding:
Brad sings Shawntel Newton's praises — "Shawntel has so many different layers; she pleasantly surprised me throughout the entire journey" — and dishes on his bonding with Chantal O'Brien. "The mood was light during the party until I had the chance to talk to Chantal O. Hearing how she felt among the other women made me realize for the first time what all of the women were going through. I can't imagine what it's like to have feelings for someone while having to watch that person explore other relationships. I give all the credit in the world to most of the women for staying strong throughout the process. I don't know if I would have that strength. Chantal also told me about the passing of her father. This hit close to home because she waited too long to try to fix the broken relationship she had with her biological father. That conversation opened my eyes to many of my relationships — especially the one with my father."

All about Emily: Brad admits his conversation at the winery with Emily was "almost awkward," because she was deflecting every question. "I should have known that something was bothering her or that she wanted to tell me something important," Brad writes. "Let me also say this: Never in a million years would I have asked her to fly with me on a private jet if I had known about her fear of flying." He calls their later conversation "a breakthrough" and says he was "overwhelmed with joy" when he learned that Emily has a daughter.

Mad about Madison: Brad has no hard feelings against the girl who walked away. "She hasn't received enough credit for being a caring, gracious, and genuine woman. All anybody is talking about are her damn fangs!" Yes, but that's her own fault. She didn't show people another side of herself, until last night. "Madison truly cares about other people — almost more than she cares about herself. We had an interesting conversation during the cocktail party, and I didn't know where she stood after that. Well, I soon found out. When Madison decided to leave, I was surprised and very disappointed. I was hoping to get to know her better. I can only assume that she has many qualities that I would have liked. Obviously, I'm someone who can commend a person for walking away from something (or someone) that doesn't feel right. I'm proud of Madison for admitting that she simply didn't have feelings that warranted her possibly receiving a rose that could have gone to another woman."

Source: People

01.19.2011 / 01:01 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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