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The Bachelor

Molly Mesnick: Brad Needs to Stop Therapy, Start Romance

What's happened to The Bachelor we all know and love?

That's the theme of Molly Mesnick's Bachelor Season 15, Episode 3 CelebTV vlog. Molly — who found her husband, Jason, on Season 13 — thinks this week's episode felt more like a Lifetime movie.

At this point in The Bachelor we normally see catfights and claws, Molly says, but definitely not this many tears. Is this season so emotional because Brad Womack is drawn to women who have gone through heavy life situations? "As a viewer I would like to see more of the romantic connection and the chemistry between the two. Brad is acting more like these girls' therapist than their quote unquote boyfriend."

And why has the concept of the show completely escaped Michelle Money, who gets insanely jealous over Brad spending time with the other bachelorettes? Molly reminds us that although we may have wanted to throw our remotes at the TV last week when Brad gave Michelle a group date rose, Brad only knows Michelle from their conversations. He hasn't seen the rest of her craziness... yet.

Molly isn't sure why Madison Garton quit, but she thinks fang girl left on a proud note. "If the edit is true, I have to commend her," she says, adding, "I'm actually kind of sad to see the vampire go." We are too!

01.19.2011 / 11:52 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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