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Music from Skins Season 1, Episode 1: “Tony”

Where would drunken debauchery and twisted love triangles be without a rockin' soundtrack to set the mood? Get down to the songs that were featured in Season 1, Episode 1, "Tony" — and channel all the Skins drama through your ears.

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Artist: Phantogram
Song: "When I'm Small"
Album: Phantogram
Scene: Tony and Stanley talk in the cafeteria. More specifically, Michelle makes her slow sexy entrance as Stanley drools.
Lucy's underground
She's got a mouth to feed
Am I underground
Or am I in between
Lucy's underground
She's got a mouth to feed
Am I underground
Or am I in too deep

Artist: The So So Glos
Song: "Lindy Hop"

Artist: Mesita
Song: "Here for You"
Album: Living/Breathing
Is friendship a debt
Some aren't willing to repay
Do they often run away

Artist: Rioux
Song: "Lost Hold"

Artist: Superthriller
Song: "Everybody's Gotta Get Some"

Artist: Famous Original
Song: "Like Blood"

Artist: Trackademicks
Song: "Enjoy What You Do"
Album: Enjoy What You Do

Segal (feat. Kaluuya)
Song: "Buss Dat"

Artist:Blood Orange
Song: "Sutphin Boulevard"

Artist: Jokers Of The Scene
Song: "Baggy Bottom Boys"
Scene: Tony and the crew crashes Tabitha's party and chaos ensues.

Song: "Cold Warrior"

Artist: Lawrence Arabia
Song: Like A Fool’
Album: Chant Darling

Artist: 3D Friends
Song: "Lina Magic"
Scene: Theme Song

Artist: Animal Collective
Song: "My Girls"
Album: Merriweather Post Pavilion
Scene: Tony wakes up and emerges from the creepy spider comforter. Naturally, he begins his day with some calisthenics and creeping on the hot neighbor across the street.
There isn't much that I feel I need
A solid soul and the blood I bleed
But with a little girl, and by my spouse,
I only want a proper house

Artist: Fiasco
Song: "It's Like Fishing Without a Hook"
Album: Native Canadians
Scene: Tony blasts this song from his stereo so Eura can sneak back into the house.

Artist: Apsci
Song: "Crazy Crazy Insane"
Album: Best Crisis Ever
Crazy, crazy, insane
Crazy, crazy, insane
You say you'll never do that,
Then you do it again

Artist: Ceci G
Song: "Weather Tether"

Artist: Lawrence Arabia
Song: "Apple Pie Bed"
Album: Chant Darling
Since you met you've been trying to pull me out of this apple pie bed.
You've been pulling, you've been winching, you've been hoisting
but my legs are made of lead.
And all I could hear from the very start
was the frequency of your beating heart

Artist: The Drums
Song: "The Future"
Album: The Drums
And if I ruled the world
I would make every country salute you
And if I ruled the world
I'd make you be mine

Artist: Aceyalone
Song: "Suicide"
Album: Lightning Strikes

Artist: Segal
Song: "Sick Bay"

Artist: Yacht
Song: "Ring the Bell"
Album: See Mystery Lights
I was born into the glove only to take it off.
Ah ah
I grew up with fear in my heart.

Artist: Twin Sister
Song: "Phenomenons"
Album: Color Your Life
I'm in a clear room
Everything is making sense
Touch me first touch me once, but
I just want to hang out
I know you might be confused
Copperheads soar through my gloom
Every time you come over here I smile
Like humming dirigibles

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