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Grey's Anatomy

Sarah Drew Dishes on April’s De-Virginization on Grey’s Anatomy

As if a month-long winter hiatus wasn't bad enough, we now have to wait until February for another new Grey's Anatomy episode. Luckily, Sarah Drew was able to spill about her possibly impending de-virginization.

"There's a lot of romance happening with all of the different characters," Drew teases. "We got the word from Shonda that we're entering into the Season of Sex Scenes, so we should all be prepared."

Be prepared? Like, everyone should hit the gym? Or the hookups are going to be especially crazy? What does that mean, Shonda?! We're dying.

As for whether it's going to be a newbie or a regular who sweeps into Dr. Kepner's life to deflower her, nobody knows. Says Drew, "It would definitely be fun to have new blood on the show, but it would also be really cool to see how one of those regulars we know and love adjusts to someone who is so innocent and so unschooled in that way."

She's only hoping that it's not the result of an on-call room romp or a short-lived fling. We saw how well that turned out with Karev. Drew says she wants it to be "beautiful" and come out of love. Dare we speculate she falls for an equally unschooled intern?

Source: Access Hollywood


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