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Cosmo’s Fun and Fearless Penn Badgley Is Bitter

Cosmo is crushing on so many Wetpaint guys right now it’s crazy! Add Penn Badgley (Dan) to their “Fun and Fearless Males” of 2011 list among fellow hotties Ian Smolderhotter Somerhalder and Cory Monteith. Penn’s dreamboat status is apparent the moment you look at him. If his shirtless scenes in The Stepfather didn’t get you, surely his abs caught your eye in Easy A?

Not only does the man look good naked, but he’s pursuing music as well. And we all know there’s nothing more swoon-worthy than a man who plays the guitar. In Cosmo’s brief interview with Penn, he spills the deets on the most fearless thing he’s done, what’s important to him in a relationship, and his deal breakers. Meanwhile, we’re still trying to figure out why Blake let him go...

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Cosmo: Describe the most fearless thing you’ve done.
Penn: Going after my role in Margin Call.I’ve done extreme sports and that kind of thing, but with this, I am talking about the kind of fear that matters. To me, real fear involves your resolve and your will. I pursued this role heavily, and when I got it, I was like, Oh, shit. I’m at least 10 years younger than everyone else in the cast, and I knew I would really have to perform.

Cosmo: When you’re not acting, what are you doing?
Penn: I play guitar, piano, and bass. I also sing. In the next year, I’m going to focus on that and hopefully do something real with it.

Cosmo: What’s a dating deal breaker for you.
Penn: I couldn’t date someone who didn’t like dogs. There are exceptions to the rule, but I find that if someone doesn’t like animals, I am a little suspicious of them.

Cosmo: What’s really important to you in a relationship?
Penn: If you’re with someone, you need to be benefiting from it. If you’re not really talking and connecting, then f*cking don’t be in one. Just break up.

01.20.2011 / 04:35 AM EDT by Heidi Suke
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