Kyle Richards Says Camille Grammer Drama is 100% Real
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards Says Camille Grammer Drama is 100% Real

With reality TV, it’s always a guessing game as to what’s real and what’s staged for the sake of entertainment.

One example of this? The famous feud between child star Kyle Richards and Kelsey’s-almost-ex Camille Grammer. The dramz between the two ladies continued for so long (and was so heated!) that some people assumed it was fake.

“That's a huge misconception," Kyle told E! at the TCA after-party. "This is not lightly scripted. Any problem [Camille and I] had started off-camera." She continues: "They are literally following us around at an event... I would have not have signed up to do it if it was anything but real."

Okay, we kinda believe that, Kyle does seem like one of the more down-to-earth girls of the bunch. Actually, all of the other housewives seem pretty chill, minus Camille, which makes us wonder: Could the show go on without her antics?

"I feel like the girls in the cast are great and everybody has so much going on with their lives." Kyle says. (Read: Don’t worry about the show losing its dramatic appeal just because Camille is gone. We’ll always have Taylor and Kim’s mini squabbles to fall back on, right?) And even though Kyle says her run-in’s with Camille made her “stomach churn,” even she doesn’t want Camille to leave the show, as has been rumored. "I don't want to see her leave on a bad note like that. I like to think that her life's going to be different now with the divorce behind her,” Kyle admits. “We've learned a lot more about her so I would hope that if there were to be a season two and we were both onboard that we could turn things around."

So, um, about that Season 2? "Bravo has not announced a season two yet," she says. "As soon as they do, that [her return] would be a family decision."

Speaking of families, E! also asked Kyle about a rumor swirling around the Twitterverse about whether hers will be expanding again anytime soon. When E! popped the question, Kyle grabbed her hubby Mauricio Umansky for backup. "Hey, Mo," Kyle says. "How about [baby] No. 5? All my Twitter followers are for it!"

Add us to that list!

Source: E!