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Pretty Little Liars

Sasha Pieterse Almost Played Hanna on PLL

You’ll never believe this but Sasha Pieterse almost played one of the other little liars on the show! Not that she wouldn't be awesome, but between her devilish grin and bossy behavior, she’s just so perfect as Alison. However, Sasha revealed to Young Hollywood that she was almost cast as the most sensitive little liar. “What’s interesting is that I originally auditioned, and tested for the role of Hanna. Then they had me try out for Alison, and the rest is history! I love all of the characters in the show but I thoroughly enjoy playing Alison. She has so many layers and characteristics, so it’s always a challenge, but I love it!” Either way, she was destined to act on Pretty Little Liars.

But even though Sasha loves playing Alison, she’s not sure she’d like her character in real life. “To be completely honest, I don’t think it would be very easy to get along with her. She’s very hard to please.” Alison even annoys her best friends, but Sasha admits “there is something about her that everyone loves! You just can’t help it.” Well almost everyone, we can’t forget how much Lucas hates her.

Regardless of how mean and manipulative Alison was, she didn't deserve to be killed. Sasha agrees and hopes we find out who killed her character. She revealed, “people would want to see some justice come to Alison. Because even though so many people in Rosewood hated her, no one deserves to be murdered.”

Now that the little liars have access to the shocking video, hopefully they’ll find out who killed Alison! In the meantime, we've rounded up the most likely suspects.

Source: Young Hollywood