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Skins US Creator Bryan Elsley Beats Back the Haters

The Skins US premiere may have brought in record ratings, but creator and show-runner Bryan Elsley is still taking interviews to defend his uber-hip MTV series against the haters. Critical reception of Skins US continues to be divided, but Elsley remains adamant in his assertions that his show is truly an Americanized version of the Brit series we all know and love so much, with no dip in quality.

When asked why he didn’t create all-new characters for the American version, Elsley said, "The thought was there. The main reason we didn't do that was that when a television channel buys your show, they want to feel that they've actually bought something." We admit we would have loved to see more new characters — Tea, a mostly new character, is pretty much our favorite — but we also understand Elsley’s thinking here.

Asked whether he thinks Skins is “inherently British,” Elsley responded thusly: "There is something inherently British about the original Skins because it was written by young British writers. The American Skins is written by young American writers. There are probably a couple of transitional episodes, namely the ones written by me[...] When people settle into the show, they'll find that teenagers, across the world — they're pretty much interested in the same thing."

Interesting! So take note, Skins fans. The episodes with new directions for the American cast can be predicted based on who is writing them. We don’t have advance info about which upcoming eppys will be written by whom, but as soon as we know, you’ll know!

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01.20.2011 / 07:23 AM EDT by Nathan Pensky
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