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The Bachelorette

Catching up With Bachelor Pad Exes Elizabeth Kitt and Jesse Kovacs

It’s pretty clear Elizabeth Kitt and Jesse Kovacs were never destined for long-term love after Bachelor Pad. (Unlike Kip-Ten?) But...


RadarOnline has a collection of childhood photos from both Elizabeth and Jesse, and Elizabeth shared some background about herself that actually makes us look at her in a different light. (Shocking, right?)

For one thing, Elizabeth’s photos seem to show her growing up with blond-ish hair. We thought the girl we met on Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor was a natural brunette. Her blond hair looked so odd on Bachelor Pad, but maybe it’s closer to her natural color.

For another thing, although Elizabeth came off as needy and very, very emotional on Bachelor Pad, she said she grew up as a “tomboy” on a farm in Nebraska.

"I liked Barbie dolls, but I also liked to play football with the boys and play around in the dirt," she told RadarOnline. “High school was busy with volleyball, basketball, track, and cross-country. I guess I was popular, but never really knew it."

Actually, we bet she did.

"Where I'm from, people matter more than things, and I never considered myself better than anyone else. We didn't have a lot of money, but we never wanted for anything. There is a lot of love in my family. I try to keep those values even living here in L.A. where material things matter to a lot of people."

Aww! She also says she had one steady boyfriend from freshman year until after high school graduation.

"Most people where I'm from get married to their high-school sweetheart, like my sister did, he happened to also be the brother of my high-school boyfriend!” Elizabeth said. “Though he was one of the greatest guys I've ever known and his family is one of the greatest families I've ever known, I wasn't ready to settle down at such a young age. He has since gotten married and he, along with his beautiful family, live back where I'm from."

Meanwhile, Jesse Kovacs has been traveling the country to promote his Carmel Valley-based wine label and a book he and his brother penned, The Young And the Thirsty. also spotted Jesse making his first appearance with new-ish girlfriend Summer Elizabeth at the L.A. book launch for Skintervention.

So all’s well that ends well… right?

Check out the photos here.

Source: RadarOnline