D.D. Whitt Says Camille Grammer Doesn’t Pay for Friends
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

D.D. Whitt Says Camille Grammer Doesn’t Pay for Friends

In the finale episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer talks to her friend D.D. (Dedra) Whitt about the other woman in Kelsey’s life. ImperfectWomen.com recently spoke with Camille’s confidant and make-up artist about the myriad rumors swirling about the hated Housewife.

When she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Camille fielded a question about whether all of her friends are on her payroll. D.D. put this one to bed, saying, “A lot of people think that I am a paid friend. That is so far from the truth ... Camille and I have been friends for twenty years … Wouldn’t you just naturally want your best friend to do your make-up if you were going to be on a reality show — particularly if you weren’t sure what you were getting yourself into?” And wouldn’t you, as a struggling make-up artist, want your work featured prominently on a popular television show? Quid pro quo, D.D., quid pro quo.

D.D.’s sweet gig as applier of powder and mascara offered unique access to the Housewives’ interactions, both real and staged. When the RHoBH producers would call for Camille’s weekly agenda, there was pressure to put on show-worthy events. “They wanted us to create situations,” says D.D. “Not necessarily false situations, but they don’t want to just tape you sitting around watching television. So, they don’t tell you what they want you to have going on, but you (as a cast member) feel a lot of responsibility to make something exciting for people to watch.” So that friendly tennis match Camille invited Kyle to? Not entirely spur-of-the-moment and guileless.

In fact, D.D. says Camille’s downfall was that she was giving the producers what they wanted: drama. While the issues between Camille and Kyle started with what D.D. calls “a miscommunication,” produces fanned the flames into something more simply because, overall, there was a significant lack of juicy scenes. Dismissing Camille’s “blame the editing” spiel, D.D. admits her friend said all those cutting comments.

“She has a biting tongue on her and she doesn’t take B.S. from people,” says D.D. “You have huge pressure on you to create a show that people are going to want to watch. So you might say something a little more nastily than you normally would.” Ah, so it’s not editing but acting that made Camille act, well, less than friendly.

Finally, D.D. divulges some behind-the-scenes details of the Grammers’ split. “Divorce is one of the most stressful things a person can go through and she is going through it publically with a man that won’t have anything to do with her — won’t talk to her, won’t see her,” D.D. explains.

Oh, just when we roll our eyes at Camille’s behavior, D.D. whips out the sympathy card. Well, we’re glad Camille has friends, especially unpaid ones, to help her through this rough spot.

Source: ImperfectWomen.com

01.21.2011 / 05:55 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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