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Grey's Anatomy

Kevin McKidd Calls Grey’s Anatomy Musical Episode A Love Letter To the Fans

Well, the actors of Grey's Anatomy are certainly working hard to allay our fears, concerns, and generally itchy feelings towards the potential train wreck that could be the musical episode. Kevin McKidd even admits he's "nervous...but also excited."

From what we've heard from Chandra Wilson and Sarah Drew, McKidd doesn't have a whole lot to be nervous about. They've both been heard touting his serious vocal skills around town. Apparently, his hidden talent has always taken a backseat to TV and movies.

Says McKidd, "I love to sing and have done a few workshops with Andrew Lloyd Webber and others for potential musicals, but I've always been too busy as an actor in movies and TV to do them."

But what about the rest of the docs? McKidd says they'll have no problem, and, in fact, that most of them are featured singers!

"Well, it's obvious that Sara Ramirez can sing, having won a Tony," he explains. "Chandra Wilson had done a stint in Chicago during her last hiatus. James Pickens already did a little singing in last year's Christmas episode. And there are a lot of other good singers in the cast. I've heard Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Drew, and Chyler Leigh all have great voices. I don't think anyone's going to be left out."

And, like the rest of the actors that have gone on record with dish about the musical episode, he promises it's not going to be a Glee-esque fiasco, or even a comical Scrubs or Buffy musical-esque romp. "The episode is going to be great and what nobody expects — a real left of field one-off. There's a very real life-and-death situation that makes this element occur. It's really a love letter to the fans," he says.

Aww, Shonda, you shouldn't have...

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