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The Bachelor

Natalie Getz on Madison Garton: “You Can’t Judge a Girl by Her Fangs”

Bachelor Pad co-winner Natalie Getz is back with more fashion tips, inside scoop, and hilarious asides in her third blog on The Bachelor Season 15.

“There is so much drama and crying going on that it's bringing me back to my 7th grade lock in,” Natalie writes.

Read on for more of the Season 13 Bachelor alum’s thoughts on Episode 3:

Early risers:Chris Harrison enters the mansion so early, that Ashley H. appears to still be wearing her dress and hairdo from the the night before. (You have no idea how EARLY Chris comes to wake us up! On the Bachelor Pad, we always had a challenge following the night of a rose ceremony at like 7am!). A couple times, my sister pointed out that my hair looked cute during challenges, and I told her that's because it's still in rose ceremony form from the night before. A lot of the girls would get up early and get ready, But NOT me.”

Group date: “At this point, Michelle has completely lost it. I hope they hide all sharp objects in the mansion or at least have security carefully watch these girls sleep at night. At the beginning of every season, the cast is given an amazing gift bag full of clothes, product, jewelry, etc. I am guessing that's why their clothes all match on their group date. Remember to always look put together, even at the gym! You never know when you will meet Mr. Right! (In my case it doesn't matter, because I work out in Hollywood where boys like boys).”

Camera shy? “It's very hard to be yourself on camera so I am impressed by some of these girls who are so comfortable telling their personal stories! During my run on The Bachelor, I was so camera shy and a nervous wreck. I couldn't be myself and open up. After filming several other reality type shows, I was very comfortable on Bachelor Pad... maybe a little too comfortable in Vegas where I took my bikini top off. But it was a nude pool for crying out loud! It takes a lot of time to learn how to ignore the cameras knowing that millions are watching.”

Bachelor, Survivor-style: “What you may not know, is that during filming, production takes away our cell phones, iPods, etc. and we are not allowed to listen to music, get on the Internet, watch TV or read magazines under any circumstances. We are literally trapped and taken away from any sort of normal life. Until you live it, you have no idea how hard it it. It can make you a lot more emotional then normal when you can't talk to your family and friends or do normal daily routines, like go to the gym. I remember during filming Bachelor Pad, someone asked, ‘Where is Wes?’ and I cracked the joke, ‘Oh he just got back from the gym, made a few phone calls, and is finishing up work on the Internet.’ I cried so many times simply because I miss talking to my family.”

Best dressed: “... EMILY wins the GetzStyle award! As if I wasn't already blown away by her date attire with Brad, she looked absolutely exquisite with a sleek ponytail showing off her gorgeous face and amazing dress. This black, one strap dress had gorgeous detailing as the material gathered at the buttons from the shoulder climbing down to the knee.”

We miss Madison! “Madison has really come to show us that you can't judge a girl by her fangs.
… She pulls Brad aside and the fangs come out, literally. Brad then says one of the best lines in Bachelor history, ‘You don't have to take your fangs out, I like them.’ AMAZING. Best ‘wall opening’ moment so far in the show.”

Read the full blog here.

Source: Bachelor Insider

01.21.2011 / 01:13 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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