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The Bachelor

Who Is Chantal O’Brien’s Ex-Husband?

As fans of The Bachelor know, Season 15 premiere night slapper Chantal O'Brien, 28, is the adopted daughter of Mike O'Brien, a former Seattle Seahawk and current owner of the O'Brien Auto Group Chain. She works as her dad's assistant and “right hand” lady.

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    

But, as she noted on the premiere, she was also married for almost five years to a guy she had been with for the past 10 years. Chantal went on the show because she doesn’t like the single life, even for the short amount of time she’s been alone.

So who is the man with whom Chantal spent so much of her life? Her ex-husband is Jason Vena, former lead singer of the Seattle alternative rock band Acceptance. The pair were married from 2005 to 2009.

According to the Facebook page People Who Want the Band "Acceptance" to get Back Together, "Jason Vena was the vocalist of Acceptance until their break up in mid-2006. Based on guitarist Christian McAlhaney's post on the band's website announcing their breakup, Jason's desire to lead a 'normal' life was the primary reason for the band's dissolution. He has since retreated from the limelight and currently works for his family's car business in Mercer Island, Washington, residing with his wife."

Here’s Christian’s note on the band’s site:

“You see, there comes a time in a band member’s life where he must choose between the abnormal life of a gypsy rock musician and the normal life of the common man. Jason, our beloved lead singer, has chosen the latter and decided to take on the yoke of the common man. HOWEVER, the rest of us do not share in this desire for normalcy and have decided to continue in our pursuit of rock stardom. You should all be expecting to hear a new kick ace rocking project from Nick, Kyle, and I, as well as a new project from Kaylan and a bunch of secret people that I can't talk about right now.”

Maybe now that Jason and Chantal are over the band can get back together. They’re really good! Although, Jason has already moved on and found a new love. This Facebook account, which appears to be his, says he's currently engaged to Tawny Ingwaldson of Bellevue, Washington.