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The Bachelor

Brad Womack Dismisses His Criminal Past as “a Couple of Missteps”

Brad Womack is pretty much an open book nowadays, so the only shock about his criminal past is that he and his therapist didn’t discuss it in insufferably boring detail during the first three episodes of The Bachelor Season 15.

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"I'm sure I wouldn't be the first to admit that I had a couple of missteps when I was a teenager — some 20-odd years ago,” Brad tells People magazine. “Some of the claims have been blown out of proportion, but I took responsibility for my actions and took immediate measures to remedy the situation."

Reports have him busted for carrying a forged driver’s license, being publicly intoxicated, and passing a bad check. Brad doesn’t specify which charges “have been blown out of proportion.”

"It was just part of my growing pains back when I was still young and naïve. You learn from your experiences good and bad — and you move on. It ultimately builds character."

OK, he had us until “builds character.” Volunteering at the local food shelter, studying abroad — those things build character. Getting arrested? That just builds a bad rep... and a rap sheet that comes out 20 years later when you’re starring in one of the most popular reality shows on television. What were you thinking, Stephen Bradley Pickelsimer?

Source: People

01.22.2011 / 01:31 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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