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Jersey Shore

Snooki’s Ex Emilio Denies Turning Her Into an Angry Drunk

We saw the aftermath of Snooki's arrest play out on last night's episode of Jersey Shore, and, while she did a pretty good job staying on the wagon and not getting sloppy drunk for awhile after getting busted, she did deflect blame for her drinking problem onto her ex-boyfriend, Emilio. She claimed in last night's episode that it was him who turned her into an "angry drunk" and caused her to hit the bottle to escape her feelings of loneliness. Getting trashed and Snookin' for love was not the way to go, she assured us.

In a seemingly concerned and sincere video blog posted on RadarOnline after he watched last night's episode of Jersey Shore, Emilio denied having anything to do with Snooki's drinking.

"You were drinking way, way, way before I ever met you ... at 16, 17 years old," he said. "I have no idea where this is coming from."

He pointed out that he's a bodybuilder who doesn't really drink, and that she broke up with him, leaving him heartbroken, so the notion that he influenced her drinking was ridiculous. Emilio even confessed that he came to see Snooki in jail, and dropped $3,000 to stay at the shore for 3 weeks during the taping of Season 3 to make sure she was okay. But, MTV wouldn't let him talk to her off-camera, so, for all that, he only got to see her once.

It sounds to us like he's pretty desperate to get her back, claiming that, to this day, he doesn't know why exactly the relationship ended.

"It's not the same anymore, I kind of miss the old Nicole," Emilio said, showing a picture of them at the shore together. "I just want to make it known I'm not the reason for [her] alcoholic acts.”

But, he left the vid on a sweet note, saying, "I just hope [she] stops drinking so much and [gets] better — I don't want to see [her] on Celebrity Rehab." Well, sort of sweet...

Source: RadarOnline