Top 5 Worst Kept Secret Life Secrets of All Time
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Top 5 Worst Kept Secret Life Secrets of All Time

Secrets never stay hush-hush for too long on Secret Life, especially when a juicy teen pregnancy scandal is involved. Adrian can’t even be late for her period without the whole school knowing about it. TMI! Check out our picks for the top 5 worst-kept Secret Life “secrets” of all time!

1. Amy’s pregnancy. This news got around school faster than you can say “remember to use a condom.” Amy hardly had time to pee on her pregnancy test before the rumor-mill started. The culprits? Madison and Lauren. These two gossips gabbed in the hall and (surprise, surprise) were overheard by Henry and Alice. It snowballed from there. Amy’s secret didn’t even last as long as her band camp baby-making sesh with Ricky. Lesson learned: trust no one (oh, and use protection!).

2. Adrian’s pregnancy. Hmmm, another secret pregnancy? We’re starting to see a theme here. Adrian wants to keep her big news under wraps, but makes a rookie mistake. She tells Grace, who promptly tells her former luvah Jack, who then tells his current gateway sex buddy Madison. Uh-oh. Maddy doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record for keeping secrets. Yep, pretty soon the whole school knows about Adrian and Ben’s luv child.

3. Ashley’s crush on Ricky. Ashley tries to repress her feelings (and steamy fantasies) for Ricky, but when they share a hot kiss the beans get spilled big time. Ricky and Ash have a loud, sexually frustrated fight in her renties’ hallway, and duh — everyone hears! Now Anne, George, Amy, and all of Ash’s friends (so basically just Griffin) know about her crush. Who can blame the girl? Ricky’s the hottest baby daddy in-law ever.

4. George’s infidelity. Seriously, this dude needs to get a grip. If you’re gonna have an affair — do it right. George cheats on Anne not once, but twice! His first tryst with Cindy is so painfully obvious that even Anne was rolling her eyes. When she and George finally get back together, he cheats and gets caught... again! George should take a few tips from his teen daughters on how to keep a secret, or at least invest in some sort of disguise to troll around town in. His attempts at sneaking around are an epic fail.

5. Ricky’s troubled past. There’s always been something mysterious about Ricky. Something that makes us want to have a passionate heart-to-heart with him that results in a few tears and a quick make-out sesh. We were so right on. Ricky has a troubled past that he can’t hide from Adrian (or from us). When his former life of physical and sexual abuse is finally revealed — OMG, the waterworks. Thank the Secret Life gods that he has Adrian to lean on... so we can live vicariously through her stroking his face in comfort.

01.22.2011 / 03:06 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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