What Did Tom Steal From JWOWW?
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Jersey Shore

What Did Tom Steal From JWOWW?

Well, Tom and JWOWW's three-season long relationship definitely ended with a bang on last night's episode of Jersey Shore. JWOWW returned to the home the couple lived in together to find her mattress, graduation watch, and hard drive stolen, her PayPal account hacked into, and her dogs abandoned.

First of all, Tom immediately hitting up her PayPal account for cash is kind of odd. How much money could possibly have been in there? Was JWOWW using PayPal as a bank account? Or was showing her shocked face and the PayPal screen just deceptive editing? Either way, we hope that's a lesson learned for her.

Second of all, it was definitely a low blow to jack JWOWW's bed and graduation watch that had nothing to do with Tom. A rock that he bought her? Fair. But not a sentimental gift from before the two were even dating. And the mattress? Was that really worth the haul downstairs?

The hard drive we sort of understand, because it may have proven valuable to him in getting the money JWOWW allegedly still owes him for his manager's fee, but it's still fighting pretty dirty. And judging by what JWOWW said on the after-show last night, the hard drive had even more sentimental value than just JWOWW's nice watch. Apparently, there were tons of photos of JWOWW's childhood and her mom, who is sick at the moment.

Luckily, JWOWW was able to get the police involved, and updated her fans on the situation via Facebook yesterday.

She wrote, "Everyone is wondering:The police recovered my watch and hard drive from Tom a few days later.The watch was only slightly damaged and i never recovered anything from the hard drive because it was broken. i'm not stating my opinion on the matter just the facts that the police have documented from August.Thank you for the support+love I really appreciate it.even though it was months ago it still was a struggle to watch."

Somehow, we doubt that JWOWW and Roger were cuddled up together at home watching the drama unfold, but we're glad she got her stuff back.

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