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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Who Is Martin Genis, Kim Richards’ Blind Date?

Poor Kim Richards. It can’t be fun to be known ‘round the world as the perpetually single housewife. Growing old alone has gotta be, well, lonely! But being the wonderful friends that the ladies on RHoBH say they are (ha!), Kim’s pals decided to do something about it. Or at least Lisa Vanderpump — who “knows everyone,” according to her voice over at the beginning of every ep — tried to.

In the eppy, “My Mansion Is Bigger Than Your Mansion,” Lisa invited the gaggle of gals to her friend Mohammed’s posh pad. She also invited her friend — and realtor — Martin, to meet Kim.

Although Martin originally mistook Taylor for his date (and got a little too excited, we think), the couple sort of seemed to hit it off by the end of the night (or maybe it was just the cocktails taking control). Either way, Martin took Kim home. ...And then never called her.

So who is this guy? His full name is Martin Genis and he is, as we mentioned, a real estate agent. In fact, he’s a rather prestigious one: He once sold a house to Brad Pitt in the ‘90s. What else do we know about the attractive Brit? Funny story, actually. According to The Daily Beast, “Martin seems to be quite the man about town who enjoys the company of the ladies — one of whom, curiously, is onetime Playboy model and Kelsey Grammer ex-fiancé Tammi Baliszewski, who has transformed herself into a hypnotherapist and author (Manifesting Love From the Inside Out).” Our question is: How does Kelsey Grammer snag all these hot girls?

Moving on...

Martin’s Facebook ‘likes’ include the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ album Californication and, surprisingly, Snow Patrol. We didn’t know people his age knew who they were. Guess it just proves how hip — or, um, good at pretending he likes things — Martin really is.

Source: The Daily Beast