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The Bachelor

5 Reasons Emily Maynard Will Be the Next Bachelorette

Everyone seems to think Emily Maynard will be the next Ali Fedotowsky. Of course, that's only if Brad Womack doesn't pick her. It's a big if! But we like the odds. Here's why:

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1. Everyone already thinks she'll be the next Bachelorette
Where there's smoke, there's fire. It's too soon to know anything on an official level, but after the premiere, everyone in the Bachelor universe was abuzz with the idea that Emily would be the perfect Bachelorette. Season 4 Bachelorette runner-up and Season 13 Bachelor Jason Mesnick even said he'd be willing to bet $100 that Emily is next in line.

2. She's getting the Chris Lambton edit
Chris Lambton was treated like the second coming on The Bachelorette Season 6. ABC exploited his tragic backstory in an attempt to groom him for The Bachelor — an opportunity he turned down partly because of his saccharine, "nice guy" edit. In a similar vein, Emily is clearly being groomed for The Bachelorette. Why else would she be compared to Mother Teresa? Not many former teen moms with two tattoos get that brand of praise.

3. She's too good for Brad, but also too good to ignore
Emily doesn't seem right for Brad Womack. Just like Chris wasn't quite right for Ali, who was always more into Roberto Martinez. But Chris was such a great guy, Ali had to keep him around to the bitter end. Emily seems like the perfect woman, but she's not really perfect for Brad. (And even more so vice versa.) She's much better off finding a bunch of other guys to fight for her — and ABC should be able to find some amazing guys for her.

4. Everyone loves her
No one has a bad word to say about Emily, on or off the show. Madison Garton even quit partially because Emily is so sweet and wonderful. Fans seem equally smitten. When Wetpaint readers were asked who should be the next Bachelorette, fans voted for Emily over Vienna Girardi, Gia Allemand, someone else in the Bachelor franchise, or someone new entirely. The tribe has spoken!

5. She's good TV
She looks like a Barbie doll, but she's still sassy, real, and relatable enough for women to want to root for her, instead of just being jealous. She called Michelle Money a "smart-ass" and accidentally said "s--t" to Brad on their vineyard date, then tried to quickly cover it up. She's a great catch, but she's also using this season as her own personal journey. She said on the premiere that she's on the verge of the next part of her life. Brad is one stepping-stone, and being the first single mom Bachelorette just might be the next one. If she says yes, we can't wait to meet the 25-30 men they cast for her and little Ricki.

01.24.2011 / 11:32 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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