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Jersey Shore

“Any Pinot’s OK. Pregnant People Do It” and Other Insane Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 4

This episode was certainly more dramatic than most others, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t say their fair share of crazy crap. After all, Snooki is still there. Check out the choice quotes from Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 4.

10. The Situation: “It’s almost like an avalanche of good energy.”
Right, because there’s nothing more positive than an avalanche.

9. Snooki: “That’s your typical gorilla-guidette couple. And they would have the most amazingly cute babies ever.”
What’s your definition of cute?

8. Deena: “Faux-hawk is, like, my best thing!”
Makes sense, because being articulate clearly is not.

7. Snooki: “Even though I just met him, Nick seems like the perfect juicehead gorilla for me. And I kinda wanna have sex with him already!”
That’s what you call a win-win.

6. Snooki: “I have to poop I’m getting nervous.”
Or are you nervous because you have to poop?

5. Vinny (ON JWOWW’s boobs): “Oh my god! The boobs are suffocating!”
Who's complaining?

4. Snooki: “These are the things I think I’m addicted to: bronzer, boys, and alcohol.”
What about pickles?

3. Snooki: “It’s kind of like a disease to Snook for love. It’s kind of like a staph infection.”
This was in no way a plug for her upcoming show.

2. Snooki: “Any pinot’s okay. Pregnant people do it.”
This was Snooki’s mom’s philosophy, anyway.

1. Everyone: “Free Snooki!”
T-shirts already? Really?


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