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Grey's Anatomy

Shonda Rhimes Hints at Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 8 Plans

ABC announced Grey's Anatomy as one of the shows to get an early pick up for next season, launching the Seattle Grace docs into an impressive eighth season. Just as surprised by her chances of making it this far is Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes. Of course, now she's resting atop a mini-empire of three currently-running series, and a fourth just picked up.

"I didn't think I could probably get this far," she admits. "I wasn't even sure we'd get past four episodes and now we're in the seventh season. It's pretty amazing. You know we've been renewed by the network for next year, Season 8, and everybody's coming back on board."

Very sneaky, Shonda, but we caught that last bit. "Everybody's coming back on board," she assures of the cast's return. But, of course, everyone is wondering what will become of the cast after Season 8, when the veterans' contracts are up (among them, Ellen Pompeo's and Patrick Dempsey's). Shockingly, Rhimes expertly sidesteps the question.

"I never think more than one season ahead because there's no reason to, really," she says. "So, right now I'm in the middle of this season and we're really talking about the finale and that stuff. I'll think about the next season sometime in May."

Would Grey's Anatomy dare to continue without it's title character? And, even though we're at the midway point, we can't even begin to fathom what this season's finale would entail. We have a very strong feeling, though, that it's going to involve the reveal of at least one Grey's pregnancy/baby.

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