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Top 15 Quotes From Bones Season 6, Episode 10: “The Body in the Bag”

The long wait is over, and Season 6 is officially back! "The Body in the Bag" satisfied our Bones craving with oodles of grossness, an interesting crime, and romance — as long as Hodgins buying Angela the house where the murder occurred qualifies as "romantic." What are we saying? In the corpse-filled world of squints, of course it does! Thankfully, the episode was also brimming with witty dialogue. Read on for our picks for the top 15 funniest quotes from Bones Season 6, Episode 10.

15. Booth will be Booth, Brennan will be Brennan
Booth, to Brennan, who is examining the body: Hey, Mr. Swiss Cheese here.
Brennan: The holes in the soft tissue appear to be a function of excellent water pressure and multiple nozzles.

14. Squints are special that way
Hodgins: So, I ran into Paisley after completely trashing her plumbing. Unlike us, dead people freak her out. So I made her an offer and I got the place for a steal.

13. Brennan missed that anthropological study
Brennan: Why would [Hannah] think she needs to spare my feelings?
Angela: Three changes of plans between friends in one day is statistically impossible.
Brennan: What study are you citing?
Angela: Just a little research project that I conducted myself at the Common Sense Institute. Hannah's avoiding you, honey.

12. How did we get from Louis Vuitton to hyena bones?
Brennan: These [fake handbags] are beautiful. I can't tell they are counterfeit.
"Prada policeman" Eric Anderson: Which is why it's such a lucrative business.
Booth: Personally, I don't see the appeal.
Brennan: Status symbls are signifiers of the position one has in a social network, the same as the hyena bones worn by the Malawi tribeswomen. Although those are impossible to counterfeit.

11. Mmm, flesh and bone fragments
Cam, leaning over the shower drain: Do you hear something?
Booth: It's just a little gurgle, that's all. When it comes to plumbing, women just can't deal.
[A nasty geyser explodes out of the drain, right into Brennan, Cam, and Booth's faces.]
Brennan: OK, we're covered in flesh and bone fragments. Scrape it all off into evidence bags… and be careful not to swallow.

10. Clark opens up... a little too much
Clark Edison: So, are you still dating that gynecologist?
Cam: Wow, that's zero to 60 in no time. I'm just going to concentrate on moving the rest of this flesh... if that's OK... with you.

9. OMG, silver?
Nicole Twist: Paisley bought me a purse for my birthday, a Chanel double-flap black lambskin with silver hardware.
Sweets: Is that a good thing?
Nicole: Well, what I really wanted was the double-flap lambskin with gold hardware. I know, I know they say you don't, like, need to match metals, but really, I mean look at my skin tone. Silver?

8. Did you anticipate this, Mark Zuckerberg?
Nicole Twist: Paisley gave me a fake.
Sweets: Paisley gave you a counterfeit bag.
Nicole: Like, I was humiliated! Totally humiliated.
Sweets: So it wasn't just a handbag. It was symbolic of betrayal. It would only be natural to seek revenge... for a handbag.
Nicole: Chanel. You bet. And I did. I defriended her right there and then. [crying] Now she's gone. I just want her back. I want to friend her again.

7. Emotions are hard!
Hannah: It's so much easier getting shot at than dealing with stuff like this.
Booth: Right? I'm with you on that.

6. Brennan doesn't understand the meaning of "sugarcoat"
Clark Edison: My girlfriend says I'm a stick-in-the-mud, and that the workplace can be a healthy social environment, as well as professional.
Brennan: I think she's wrong.

5. Don't irk Hodgins
Hodgins, to Clark (as he untangles the hair snaked from Paisley's drain): You need to stop backseat combing before I tweeze your eyes out.

4. Like, gross!

Paisley, to Booth: Did you guys clean up the dead stuff in my shower, because I really don't do that.

3. All in a day's work!
Sweets, while watching video footage from the teddy bear cam with Booth: Paisley is very flexible. Does this qualify as porn or work?
Booth: There's an overlap.
Sweets: OK, that's a new guy. Man, he's in a hurry.
Booth: It's on fast-forward, Sweets.

2. We second that!
Edison: I just want to tell you that I feel so much more comfortable here now that I'm not holing so much inside.
Cam: I'm glad, but just know that if you ever feel the need to bottle yourself up again, we'll support you.

1. A night out with Brennan is always special
Hannah: You usually have a drink with Seeley after a case, don't you?
Brennan: Yes, but he'll have his drink with you when you get home.
Hannah: Depends on how many we knock back first.
Brennan: I have quite a high tolerance for alcohol.
Hannah: Oh, is that a challenge?
Brennan: Barkeep, a shot of bourbon and one for my friend.
Brennan: I enjoyed Westerns as a child.
Hannah: I think that guy across the bar is looking at you.
Brennan: It happens frequently. I am quite beautiful.

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