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The Bachelor

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Bachelor Runner-up Chantal O’Brien

Chantal O'Brien made a big impression on The Bachelor — and we don't just mean the red mark on Brad Womack's face after that premiere night slap. She's got closer to Brad date-by-date, even if he didn't pick her in the end. So who is this chick? Here's some intel on The Slapper:

1. Chantal O'Brien was Chantal Vena from 2005 to 2009 when she was married to Jason Vena, the lead singer of a popular Seattle band called Acceptance. He's the guy she mentioned in The Bachelor premiere as having been her main man for the past 10 years, right up until their divorce.

2. As we learned last week, Chantal last saw her biological father when she was 9. Her stepfather, Mike O'Brien, is a former Seattle Seahawks defensive back who owns the O'Brien Auto Group, a company with dealerships across the Seattle area. He convinced Chantal to try out for The Bachelor, stressing that "she needed to move on." He also said she had a "great time" on the show.

3. Chantal works in the Seattle area as her father's assistant, but if Brad chooses her in the end, she'll have to move to Austin.

4. She's majorly afraid of water, a fear that ABC exploited in The Bachelor Season 15: She and Brad went on a diving date in Episode 4, and then they swam with sharks in the finale.

5. She has jealousy issues, which reared their ugly head during her run on The Bachelor. She cried in the extended preview, saying, "If I felt something for someone, I could not just go and kiss all these different people."

6. Chantal is now dating Jeff Razore, a fellow Seattle native.

7. She is not the Paris Hilton-loving Chantal O'Brien of this Twitter account.

8. Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky tweeted that Chantal reminds her of her best friend from college: "She is super chill and matter of fact. I like her."

9. Season 4 Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak is not a fan of The Slapper. As he wrote in his blog about the first episode, "You watched Brad on his first season and because of what you saw on a TV SHOW, you judge him and haul off and hit him? IT'S A TV SHOW! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BREAST IMPLANTS CHANTEL ... Brad is actually a nice guy and because of your actions, you might screw up what you could have had with A REALLY NICE GUY."

10. Spoiler King Reality Steve believes producers told Chantal to slap Brad when she got out of the limo.

11. In her ABC bio, Chantal shares her best date memory: "There was a date where we were having so much fun that we kept finding more stuff to do because we didn't want it to end."

12. She has two tattoos: On her right ankle and lower back.

13. She has two Birman cats and a Pomeranian.

14. When asked what three things she would take bring to a desert island, she said her dog, Boca; a phone for games and to stay connected; and an e-reader for reading (James Patterson is her favorite author).

15. In our Bachelor Season 15 celebrity look-alike gallery, we compare Chantal to another star on a reality TV show covered by Wetpaint. Do you think they look the same?

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