New Couple Alert: Michael Trevino and Jenna Ushkowitz?
Credit: Mr. O/Splash News    
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The Vampire Diaries

New Couple Alert: Michael Trevino and Jenna Ushkowitz?

Have our two fave shows collided? Are Michael Trevino (Tyler, The Vampire Diaries) and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina, Glee) a new power couple?

Maybe and maybe not. The evidence so far: Glee star Naya Rivera (Santana) held her 24th birthday bash in Las Vegas over the weekend and the two were caught (read: photographed) getting pretty cozy. Take a look at the photographic proof above. It appears Michael even has his hand around Jenna’s waist, in a sort of “She’s all mine!” way. Saucy!

The duo were also spotted together at the Nerd Party at Comic Con New York 2010 last summer and have been known to tweet back and forth.

But, if the pair had been making googly-eyes at each other since July, we think we woulda heard more about it by now. However, Hollywood stars can be pretty sneaky when it comes to their personal lives. There’s also the fact that Jenna has been rumored to be dating her co-star Kevin McHale (Artie).

If you need another reason to doubt they’re dating, try this: The couple were partying in Vegas! We can only imagine how many (random) people we’d be photographed canoodling with if we were partying in Sin City with a bunch of our famous friends. Just sayin’.

However, if they are candoodling, well, we’re jealous of both of them. Together, they’re basically too hot for their own good!

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