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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Atlanta Housewife Showdown of the Week: Kim Zolciak vs. NeNe Leakes, Part Deux

The Deets:

Picking up where they left off last week, Kim and NeNe continued to bicker and bitch for the entirety of the "relaxing" girls' weekend in Miami. Poor Cynthia. (If you need some background info on the Kim and NeNe feud, please please refer to our feature entitled "Kim and NeNe: A Timeline of Our Favorite Frenemies.") But for now, we'll discuss the events of the Battle of Miami, as seen in the "Floridon't" episode.

As soon as the former frenemies (just plain enemies now) got off the bus, NeNe was giving Cynthia, Shereé, and Phaedra a play-by-play of what went down, which turned into Kim and NeNe arguing back and forth again, and ended with NeNe threatening to snap Kim's neck and toss her in a fountain. The other housewives were like "Whaaaa?"

Then, they get to Kim's friend's estate, and NeNe introduces herself to her host by saying how surprised she is that he's friends with Kim. Um, that's just absurd. When NeNe finds out that Shereé has also invited Lawrence for the weekend — remember that this whole craziness started when NeNe got furious that Don Juan and Sweetie were tagging along — she decides to dial up her bestie Diana. Since Diana decides to fly down, Kim tells Sweetie she doesn't have to leave (she had actually told Sweetie to pack up and take off in an effort to "keep the peace"). Sweetie's like, um, that's OK. We'd be itching to get the heckers out of there, too.

Anyway, NeNe claims she didn't make a big deal out of Sweetie sticking around — um, seriously? — and then basically acts like a total fool.

The Winner:

Kim, hands down. Really, we don't understand why Kim didn't throw NeNe out on the Miami streets. The rest of the ladies all agreed that NeNe was being ridiculous, with Kandi knowing firsthand what a huge deal NeNe made out of Sweetie staying and Shereé even pointing out that NeNe "showed her true colors." Bottom line: The weekend was supposed to be about Cynthia, and all NeNe did was bring it major dramz. Lame.