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The Bachelor

Gia Allemand Bashes Wes Hayden After Rumored (and Denied) Fling With Vienna Girardi

The Bachelor alumni need to simma down. You can't turn your back and try to enjoy the boring therapy of Brad Womack's tear-stained Season 15 without former castmates getting into romantic shenanigans behind the scenes. Spoiler King Reality Steve has stirred up a hornet's nest of gossip about Vienna Girardi, Wes Hayden, and Gia Allemand.

On Tuesday, he teased readers by saying he had some "good dirt" that dropped into his lap. "If there were two former contestants from this show that I told you were ‘involved’ right now (and both from recent seasons), I guarantee I can give you til 9:00 EST tonight and you wouldn't be able to put these two together. But go ahead and guess away."

So readers did guess, sending in suggestions from Crazy Michelle (which one?) and "Phantom" Chris Nordhorn to Rozlyn Papa and Jonathan "The Weatherman" Novack.

But the real rumored fling is Bachelor Season 14 winner Vienna and Bachelorette Season 5 villain Wes.

Here’s the rest of the story, straight from Steve on his site:

Credit: Judy Eddy/WENN    

They were in Ft. Worth together this past Friday night at bar called Billy Bob's, then were in Austin the next night at the Iron Cactus. Being friends with Wes, I obviously went straight to the source and asked him if anything was going on, because when I was given this information this afternoon, I was told they were seeing each other now. I couldn't possibly run with something like that without asking Wes himself. So I did and here's what he said:

"Nah, there's nothing going on there. Vienna and I are just friends. We hung this weekend, but there was a bunch of people with us. I just met her on Friday night for the first time."

I emailed Vienna to ask her what she thought of the news that she was now being linked to Wes. Her response:

"No comment."

I figured I'd just leave it at that and someone would end up running with the story as fact and this "couple" will gain a pair of legs before you know it. But just minutes ago, I received a text from Gia, who wanted to throw her two cents in. I gave her time to re-think it and make sure this is what she wanted to say and she said to print exactly what she wrote. Ok, here it goes. From Gia at 7:51 PM CST:

"Wes is a snake who only cares about himself and uses people to try to get another 15 minutes of fame, so this doesn’t shock me about him at all."

Ouch! Guess we can officially call the Wes/Gia Bachelor Pad romance over.

Source: Reality Steve