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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Power Rankings for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 1, Episode 13: “Unforgivable”

Who’s livin’ large and who’s been relegated to the pool house? We rank The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Episode 1.13, entitled “Unforgivable,” in our weekly Power Rankings. Let the countdown begin!

Ranking: 6
Last week’s ranking: 6
Here’s why: With all the tension already in her life, did she really need to add to it by bullying poor Kim? And we feel badly that their family is giving up Snowball, but we assume that any living thing that’s stuck in that household would be delighted to find a new family!


Ranking: 5
Last week: 4
Here’s why: It’s hard to blame Kim too harshly for the fight, since she got attacked by Taylor out of nowhere. But her heavy drinking didn’t help things. (For example, what was up with that approximately 15-minute hug she gave her friend Melody?) Even Frank the Tank from the film Old School would tell Kim to watch her drinking.

Ranking: 4
Last week: 3
Here’s why: Camille was practically in her own little episode, as she and D.D. made sense of Kelsey’s actions. We wish them luck — Kelsey’s actions rarely seem to make sense to anyone!

Ranking: 3
Last week: 1
Here’s why: We don’t really blame Kyle for that fight, but she may have gone a little overboard, screaming that Kim is an alcoholic and gets financial support from Mauricio. And here Kyle probably thought that her biggest problem that night would be when she got stuck in that crazy dress of hers!

Ranking: 2
Last week: 2
Here’s why: By kicking Cedric out, Lisa and Ken got their house back, but Lisa lost her boy toy in the process. It was harder to rid Lisa’s house of Cedric than it was to get rid of that ghost in the movie Paranormal Activity.

Ranking: 1
Last week: 5
Here’s why: Adrienne ends the season on top, as she was the one person to have emerged from that brouhaha relatively unscathed. Plus, she got many compliments on those Wizard of Oz-like shoes. We bet she wished she could click those together and disappear from Taylor’s party!

01.26.2011 / 05:26 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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