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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episode 14: Top 5 Clues About “A”

We’re dying to find out who “A” is already! Every time we think we know the answer (Noel, Toby, Jenna, Ian), the Pretty Little Liars producers throw us a curveball. Episode 14 was no different since we were convinced Ian was “A" until Ella Montgomery handed over a jacket that didn't belong to him. While we’re still contemplating the possibilities, there are a few things we do know about "A'"s identity:

1. “A” is probably a guy because the coat and gloves Ella grabbed looked very masculine. Anyone could have black leather gloves, but the jacket definitely seemed like a man’s style.

2. “A” probably goes to Rosewood Day because he’s always sending messages to the girls at school at exactly the right moments. He knows when they’re in the hallway, he’s put notes in their lockers and he attended Noel’s party (where he took Emily and Maya’s photo booth picture), so he’s probably one of their classmates.

Also, Holly Marie Combs tweeted "I know y'all think you spotted a #32 guy in the coat check line. The # was for the danceathon not the coat check #."

3. He hates the little liars and is on a mission to destroy them. They must have been mean to him or at least Alison was and they are guilty by association.

4. “A” probably doesn’t have a lot of friends or hobbies for that matter because he’s always stalking the girls, plotting his attack and crafting creepy messages. “A” stole a car and broke into Spencer’s house, so he must be a mastermind with too much time on his hands.

5. Ella probably doesn’t know “A” personally considering she addressed him as a stranger. If it were Noel or Toby, she’d definitely acknowledge them specifically, however, she didn’t seem to recognize the mysterious man. Rosewood isn’t very big, so maybe “A" isn't someone close to the little liars after all.

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01.26.2011 / 08:35 PM EDT by Emily Anatole
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