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Top 5 Ickiest Moments From Bones Season 6, Episode 10: “The Body in the Bag”

Bones returned from its midseason break with a particularly "explosive" episode. (Traumatic flashback to the geyser of flesh and bone fragments. *Shudder*) "The Body in the Bag" contained one of the show's biggest gross-outs ever, and if you're a long-time Bones fan, that's saying something. Read on for the five ickiest moments from last Thursday's eppy. Warning: Don't eat while — or after — reading!

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5. All the more reason to use a shower mat
As Paisley Johnston's boyfriend enters her apartment, he calls out for her. The shower is steaming, so he strips down to join her (or so he thinks!). It's really foggy in there, though (three days worth of running water will do that), and just as he calls, "Where are you baby?" he slips. Boom. He finds himself face-to-face with a corpse resembling Swiss cheese.

4. Just a little small talk while we work
Back in the lab, Hodgins and Clark get the glamorous task of untangling bone fragments from a big, ugly hairball. Unfazed by the grossness, Clark, who has been over-sharing the entire episode, launches into a convo about his girlfriend and their desire to have babies. We're disgusted by the mass of hair on the table between them, but Hodgins finds Clark's sudden affability far more unappetizing. What happened to quiet and repressed squint?

3. Has anyone seen my salad spinner?
Cam solves the tangled hairball problem by telling Clark and Hodgins to spring for a bottle of conditioner. When they do, Hodgins decides to use a salad spinner to apply the product. We couldn't help wondering if Hodgins found the device in the lab's kitchen. Can't you just see Cam or Angela going to clean off a fresh head of lettuce, only to notice that their beloved salad spinner is covered in a scrumptious mix of hair and conditioner? Yuck-O.

2. Thanks, I'll just eat at my desk
Hodgins works late at the victim's apartment, trying to pull body fragments out of the drain. Angela, sweet preggo wife that she is, brings him some (half-eaten) dinner. (Hey, "the baby" got hungry!) Hodgins sits on the bathroom floor and removes one of the heavy-duty gloves he was wearing to snake the drain so he can munch on his sandwich. As soon as he's done eating, he announces, "Bring on the bone fragments!" He proceeds to extract the world's largest hairball from the pipe. Hodgins may have a stomach of steel, but we certainly do not.

1. Thar she blows!
Cam, Booth, and Brennan peer over the shower drain in a dead woman's apartment while Hodgins tries to snake it. Brennan sees a bone fragment, and as she, Cam, and Booth look closer, the pipes begin to gurgle. Bone, blood, and body fragments burst out of the drain and onto their faces. Dripping with red goo, Brennan suggests they scrape the mess off into evidence bags. Spit, don't swallow!

01.26.2011 / 05:33 AM EDT by Cherie Burbach
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