Credit: via Ali Fedotowsky's Twitter    
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The Bachelorette

ABC Wanted Roberto Martinez As The Bachelor (and So Did We!)

Dang it! We were so close to having Roberto "Hottie Dimples" Martinez as the Season 15 Bachelor instead of Brad "I'm Even More Boring This Time" Womack. Access Hollywood's Laura Saltman recently sat down with Season 6 Bachelorette cuties Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez to talk about how he could've been the first "not-so Caucasian" Bachelor.

Laura quotes the president of ABC, who went on record recently about wanting to cast a Bachelor of color. He apparently said if Ali hadn't snagged Roberto, the Latino hunk would've been the guy they approached to do the show.

"No, I'm in a good place," Roberto says, while hugging Ali. "I'm good." Awww! (Apparently Ali’s runner-up, Chris Lambton, was also in a good place since he turned down the show, too.)

Both Ali and Roberto said it is time for a Bachelor of color. "Maybe instead of having the first, you know, someone who's not Caucasian as the Bachelor, maybe we'll have the first sort of interracial wedding," Ali says.

Roberto isn't a different race, but we get where she's going — and we're with ya, Ali! She reiterates that there's a good chance we'll see their wedding this year, possibly on ABC.