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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Explains Why Brad Womack Takes Emily Maynard on a NASCAR Date

Many Bachelor fans were shocked at the preview for Season 15, Episode 5, where we see Brad Womack taking Emily Maynard on a group date to a NASCAR track.

Insensitive much? By now we know her fiancé, Ricky Hendrick, was a NASCAR driver, so why does ABC keep dredging up her tragic past? And on a group date, no less, where she can't even get Brad’s full attention and support? (Also, it can’t be fair to the other women when Brad steers the date into more of a one-on-one after realizing why Emily is upset.)

Rosemaster Chris Harrison weighs in on this issue and more in a new TV Guide interview. Here's a taste:

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It looks like next week Brad takes Emily to a racetrack. Given that her late fiancé was a NASCAR driver, why would he — or the producers — choose that specific setting?
Chris Harrison: If you take it at face value, I get why people are angry, but people need to see the date and see how it plays out. This is another watershed, breakthrough moment and it's therapeutic for Brad and Emily. It's a very moving episode and obviously a moving date. It's definitely scary, but again if you play armchair psychologist, it's kind of a hurdle they need to get over. We have to force the issue because we have such a time constraint. It puts Brad on the spot, puts Emily on the spot, like you guys are either going to deal with this and go forward, or it's not going to happen and it's over.

Did you solve the mystery about Michelle's black eye?
Harrison: We have no idea what happened! She said something about the stress causing the black eye, which I don't think is possible. We don't have any cameras. On Bachelor Pad we do, but that's a totally different show, so we have no idea.

Why is Brad keeping her around?
Harrison: When she's with Brad, she likes to be that girl that's kind of hard to get, is feisty, and guys tend to like that to a certain degree. We'll see if she wears out her welcome, but right now he finds it appealing.


He's clearly smitten with Emily, but they have more hurdles to overcome.
Harrison: Although he's as captivated by her as he is Chantal, you see a huge difference. He's intimidated by Emily a little bit and I get it: She's beautiful, she's sweet, and now that Brad knows her story, he knows what he's dealing with. There's that constant thing in the back of your head: If I'm not really serious about her, then I need to let her go. You don't want to take her through that and break her heart. I think he's constantly thinking about that with her.

Read the full interview here.

Source: TV Guide

01.27.2011 / 03:54 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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