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Jersey Shore

Why Can’t the Jersey Shore Cast Have Cell Phones, Internet, TV, or Their Own Cars On the Show?

Doesn't the duck phone seem like more trouble than it's worth? Eight people sharing one phone and constantly taking messages for one another? Have you even taken a message since like, 2004? And writing down numbers from girls at clubs instead of just whipping out your cell phone and punching the digits in? What century are we living in right now?

Well, there's a good reason for the digital devolution once the Jersey Shore cast finds itself within the confines of the Shore house. For one thing, MTV wants to keep security tight on what's going down in the house and on the show. By keeping cell phones and internet access out of the picture, MTV is preventing the leakage of sensitive info, such as who lost a chunk of weave this week.

Also, by only having a land line in the house, all phone conversations can get recorded for the show and editing purposes. (Ever wonder how the person on the other line sounds so clear all the time?)

The Escalades the cast are oh-so-generously provided with for getting around serve the same purpose. They're all equipped with room for camera crews inside to film car ride shenanigans. If they had their own cars, getaways (and alone-time) would be much easier. Obviously, the point of a reality show is to spend as much time as possible around your seven roommates until you go crazy to the point of making great TV, right guys? ...Guys?

Plus, if the cast had TV and internet to distract them, they probably wouldn't be bored enough to constantly be up to hilarious antics, eg., constructing a device to wrangle a beach ball off the neighbor's roof.

So, for two months of filming, the cast of Jersey Shore gives up access to the most basic of technologies, things we couldn't fathom living without (did you know they can't even update their TWITTER FEEDS?), for the sake of keeping us tuned in.

We salute you, Jersey Shore.

01.27.2011 / 04:48 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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