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You Ask, We Answer: How Many Contestants Do the Judges Really See?

How many contestants do you really listen to, when you have 100's of people trying out? Also,how do the bad ones get through to the 3 judge panel?

Good question! First, there are thousands of hopefuls who show up for the American Idol auditions every summer (we’ve all seen the shots of packed stadiums across America). But only about 100 or less hopefuls get a chance to audition for the judges, actually weeks or months after that first day. On the first day of auditions, when the judges are nowhere to be found, scouts select singers from the crowd who will go on to audition for producers. There are even more stages of auditions held on different dates, before executive producers finally choose the lucky singers who will audition for the judges.

And how do the bad ones get through? Producers send them through for our entertainment. American Idol wouldn’t be the same without them!

How long does it take to get through each day & how many breaks do the judges get?

We always feel bad when we see those tired contestants who waited all day to audition for the judges. Auditions go well into the late evening, so it’s a long day for the contestants, the judges, and the production crew. But judging from the fact that the judges aren’t pulling their hair out at the end of the day, it’s safe to assume that they get enough breaks to rest and recharge.

01.27.2011 / 04:41 AM EDT by Latoya West
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