Alex Plays With Fire! Recap for Nikita Season 1, Episode 12: “Free”
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Alex Plays With Fire! Recap for Nikita Season 1, Episode 12: “Free”

Nikita Episode 12, “Free,” opens with Alex and Nikki breaking into a mansion looking for one of Division’s black boxes. Little A sneaks into the bedroom and slides under a bed where she uncovers not the black box, but an MP3 Player and the ghost of Thom who’s still sporting a bullet wound and looking paler than a glass of milk. Somebody needs a trip to the mortician! Is this gonna be one of those soap opera plot-twists where a ghost becomes a main character? Nope. It’s only an anesthesia-induced dream. Alex is waking up from surgery — a chip has been implanted in her neck. This can only mean one thing — she’s free! Sort of. Her chip can be picked up by satellite and Birk warns her — Don’t try taking it out!

On Alex’s way out of the dungeon that is Division, Jaden gives her a hug and tells her she hopes she gets everything she deserves for killing Thom. Jaden is so onto her! Whatevs. Alex never has to wear a grey jog bra again. Now she’s got a sweet apartment, a car (a Kia, of course) and a massive closet full of clothes. (How do we sign up for Division?) And she’s got a hot neighbor named Nathan (played by Thad Luckinbill).

But there’s a problem. The “chip” Division implanted in her neck isn’t like the one Nikita had. Nikita’s “chip light” was extracted with some minor surgery but Alex’s maximum strength chip will instantaneously kill her if extraction is attempted or if Percy orders her assassination. Nikita realizes this when the two meet up in a linens store. Alex has no idea, and Nikki doesn’t tell her — she just hightails it out of the store trying to figure out how she’s gonna get the ticking time-bomb out of her BFF’s neck. Moments later, she has a plan.

Cut to CIA Guy, Ryan Fletcher. Remember him? He’s on a date with a hot blonde who wants to hear all about his adventures uncovering shady government secrets and he’s actually kind of cute. We were so focused on Owen back then, we hardly noticed. The blonde steps out and Nikki appears. She has a really big favor to ask Ryan: She wants him to arrest a “Seymour Birkhoff” on some old hacking charges. (Birk’s first name is Seymour! He’s a bigger nerd that we thought!) This way she can steal his password and do something about the deadly chip. (What, we can’t imagine.)

Meanwhile Little A is bringing home some groceries just like a normal girl… EXCEPT FOR THE DEADLY CHIP IN HER NECK. And except for the fact that she has an insanely hot neighbor who seems to always be in the hallway. He carries her groceries in, uncovers her seven jars of Marshmallow Fluff and invites her to a party. Don’t do it, A! Remember what happened to Daniel!

(Side Note: Throughout the episode we are periodically treated to Alex’s flashbacks from six years earlier. She and her dad are hanging in the Russian wilderness where he’s teaching her survival skills like how to build a fire and speak English. We also learn that he confiscated her radio since it was a “distraction.”)

Alex Plays With Fire! Recap for Nikita Season 1, Episode 12: “Free”
Credit: CW    

Cut back to present day Hoboken where Seymour is coming out of a comic book store. (Shocker!) Sadly, he never even gets the chance to crack open his latest Justice League because three people in black ski masks grab him and throw him in the back of a CIA Van. But back at CIA Headquarters, Birk…excuse us…Seymour just ain’t talking except to demand an energy drink. Ryan is no Amanda when it comes to interrogation. In fact, he fails in every capacity. Frustrated, Nikita (who was one of the ski-mask clad individuals) busts into Birk’s interrogation room. Bad news for Ryan since Division will know he’s been in touch with Nikita, but it’s great news for Nikki who gets Birk’s password in less than five minutes.

Over at Alex’s it seems she couldn’t resist Nathan’s invitation or maybe she just felt like par-tay-ing. She’s attended his soiree and is making anxious small talk when a super-annoying guest asks her to dance. She politely refuses, but when he won’t take no for an answer she flattens him and brings the party to a crashing halt. Awesome way to impress the neighbors!

Back at the CIA, Nikita’s mission is coming to a crashing halt — Michael is on his way and he is pissed, but as always, he gets there a touch too late. Nikki’s already stolen everything she needed off Shadownet and is trying to escape the building. Michael can’t get to her because of a slew of pesky guards with guns. Nikki manages to get out while both Michael and Birk are held captive. That is until the CIA Boss Lady catches wind (via Percy) of Ryan’s illegal capturing of Birk and demands that he and Michael both be uncuffed and sent back to Division. (Of course Birk tells no one that he gave his password to Nikita.)

But before they can all get back to Division HQ, Alex stops off there to upload a program (the computer stuff = confusing) and is immediately confronted by Amanda who it turns out, already knows about Nathan. She warns Alex not to get too close. Could be lights out for poor Nathan!

She leaves, and Birk and Michael return whereupon they are treated to a communiqué from Nikita, which she sends out to the recruits via every screen at Division HQ: She’s looking for a few good soldiers to help her take down The Man. Percy is steamed. And he can’t do anything about pesky upstart Ryan Fletcher who’s apparently become too “hot” and “in the news” since his last escapade.

Back at the linen store, Nikki and Alex have met once again. Aren’t the salespeople there getting a little suspicious? They could at least buy a duvet cover or something! We learn that Nikki rewired Alex’s chip so it can appear as if she’s anywhere. Nikki gives her the chance to escape and live a normal life, but Alex reassures her that they’re in it together and she still has to avenge her parents’ murder.

Cut to Ryan, who is sitting at a bar drinking after what can only be called a “tough” day at the office. Turns out, his hijinks got him demoted. Nikki shows up and tells him to cheer up. When he won’t stop yammering, she silences him with a kiss and tells him she’s gonna make a hero out of him. Do we smell an affair?!

And it appears Little A is feeling frisky too. (Nikki still hasn’t told her the chip is deadly!) Instead of going straight to bed after such a crazy day, she’s opted to meet Nathan at a bar where they’re gonna see a blues band. We hope, for Nathan’s sake, that he’s gay!

But soon enough, a flashback reveals why A looks so happy. We see her six years earlier, leaving the Russian wilderness with her dad. They walk home and we see that their house is a GIANT MANSION exactly like the one in her dream. She runs upstairs and slips under the bed where she has secretly stashed a pink MP3 Player. Music comes on and a huge smile crosses her face.

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