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Nikita Kisses Ryan! Top 5 OMG Moments from Nikita Season 1, Episode 12: “Free”

Nikita is back! And it’s as OMG-worthy as ever! There were lots of stellar moments to choose from this week. (And happily, no tragic guy-crush deaths!) We also sense plenty of incredible OMG Moments coming in the very near future, but for now, here are the Top 5 picks from Episode 12.

1. Jaden Hugs Alex! (And Then Tells Her Off!)
We never thought we’d say this, but we kind of heart Jaden. Her bitchy goodbye hug to Alex was superb. First of all, she surprised Alex with her sudden show of sweetness, and once she had her close enough, told her she hoped she got everything she deserved for killing Thom. Essentially, she reminded Alex of one inescapable fact: Jaden knows Alex is the mole and she’s not letting it go!

2. A’s Chip is Deadly!
On the surface, it looks like Alex has everything: good looks, a hot neighbor, a new car, clothes, and a semblance of freedom beyond Division. You know what really puts a damper on that semblance of freedom? An irremovable neck chip that could kill her at any second. How are they ever gonna get that thing out of her?!

3. Birk is Captured! And He’s a Bigger Nerd Than We Thought!
We are so glad they are finally giving Birk something to do besides sit behind Shadownet all day. We’re also glad they’re developing his character…into the most over the top TV nerd since Urkel! We don’t know which was more shocking — seeing him being wrestled and tossed in a CIA Van, or learning that his first name is SEYMOUR and that in his (probably very limited) time away from Division he went to a COMIC BOOK STORE!

4. Alex Flattens a Dude at a Party!
We’ve had some awkward party moments but none quite as awkward as the one Little A had at Nathan’s shindig when some dude asked her to dance. She said no, and when he got pushy, she simply tossed him to the ground and almost broke his arm. Hint to Alex: If you are trying to conceal the fact that you’re a super spy from your neighbors, you might wanna lay off the ninja moves in public! It’s not like it would’ve killed her to do the conga.

5. Nikita Kisses Ryan!
That Ryan Fletcher! He’s such a cute young upstart. He might be our new guy-crush. And we’re pretty sure he’s Nikita’s because she kissed him. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not like it was a hot, steamy “stealing stomach liquefier antidote pill out of Thom’s pocket” kind of kiss, but it was ON THE LIPS, which counts for something. Nikita just doesn’t seem like the kind of gal who goes around kissing guys indiscriminately. Even when Owen was tied to her bed, she didn’t go there. So, we are just gonna go out on a limb and say we think these two are gonna have an affair!

01.28.2011 / 11:19 PM EDT by Rev. Jen Miller
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