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American Idol

Recap of American Idol Season 10, Week 2: Nashville Auditions

A whopping 17,000 pop star wannabes turned out for the American Idol auditions in Nashville, Tennessee. But judges went ca-razy for just one — a 15-year-old student named Lauren Suddeth. We’re loving Lauren too, but we’ll get to her later. Here are some of the other memorable peeps we met in Nashville.

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The Best of the Worst

Christine McCaffrey: She’s a bubbly dental assistant whose high-pitched voice is perfect for recording. No, not that kind of recording: The judges were thinking her squeaky voice was more fitted to cartoon characters. Now that we can see. Side note: Were we the only ones imagining Christine’s hands in some poor soul’s mouth while they have to listen to her speak? No, just us?

Allen Lewis: He’s a tough looking tattoo artist with a rough voice and the soul of a philosopher. Some of this guy’s most profound lines include:

• “We’re all just who we are.”
• “There’s a reason for everything in this life.”
• [To Randy] “Everybody’s got their own flavor of ice cream. Mine is vanilla. I guess yours may be chocolate.”

Uh, yeah. He really said that.

Kameela Merricks: Her family and friends must be lying to her, because the poor thing really thought she could sing. We had high hopes for her too until her performance of Chaka Khan’s “Sweet Thing” went sour. “It hurt,” Randy said. It hurt us all, Dawg.

Latoya Moore: She’s a self-proclaimed recording artist who wore what might have been her old prom dress and brought along a copy of her “album” for the judges. We’ve gotta hand it to her — she definitely has the attitude of a star. “I don’t even have to say a word,” she said. “[People] see the glow about me.” Maybe she should have just stood there and glowed instead of singing/screeching Tamia’s “When I Close My Eyes.” “The tone is not good,” Randy said. “It’s almost like annoying.”
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX    
The Best of the Best

Chelsea Oaks and Rob Bolin: These two are exes who auditioned together even though they weren’t exactly getting along. But let’s save the drama for Maury, people! What matters is that they sang beautifully together. Chelsea, a 23-year-old waitress, and Rob, a 23-year-old restaurant worker, both received golden tickets to Hollywood. And they even got some relationship advice from Steven Tyler. “Sometimes the deepest passion comes from friction,” the wise rocker said. We’ll see what Chelsea’s boyfriend thinks about that. He did not look happy!

Adrienne Beasley: She’s a 22-year-old African-American student who spoke about being adopted by white parents and then raised on a farm in Kentucky. Her story was touching and all, but it was her passionate performance that almost brought Steven to tears. “You almost made me cry,” he said. Adrienne sailed through to Hollywood.

Jackie Wilson:
The 28-year-old bar manager from Nashville got a rare round of applause from the judges after her flawless take of “Until You Come Back to Me.” It was one of the best performances of the night — but not the best.
The Girl Who Blew the Judges Away

Lauren Suddeth: She’s the 15-year-old who gets the prize for the best audition in Nashville — and possibly the best audition in any city so far. Before she blew the judges away with her country performance, the Rosville, Georgia, student spoke about her cousin Holly, a cancer survivor who has been like a sister to her and inspired her to start singing. “I don’t know what I’d do with Holly,” she said. Holly was there for the audition as Lauren belted out Faith Hill’s “Like We Never Loved at All,” with the poise, emotion, and vocal perfection of a country superstar. When Lauren got tearful at the end of the audition, Steven Tyler told her, “You should cry, because you’re going to make 40 million people cry.” Best moment of the night: Lauren sang Steven’s “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” and asked him to join in. “I think we found the one today,” the Aerosmith frontman said. “We found her.” Mark our words, America: This one may go all the way!

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