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Pretty Little Liars

The Pretty Little Liars Girls Crush on Their Co-Stars

How can you not notice all the male hotties on Pretty Little Liars? Obviously we love the girls, the drama, and their amazing fashion, but we don't mind watching the boys every week either. Lucy, Troian, Ashley, and Shay agree which is why they had such a hard time picking out their favorite male co-stars. However, when a fan in the Much Music audience asked them which PLL boys they would choose, they all came up with answers immediately.

Ashley, like her character Hanna, has her eyes set on Caleb. She admitted that she likes edgy guys and Caleb reminds her of her longtime crush Johnny Depp.

Troian explained that if it were based on the PLL characters, she’d pick Lucas because she loves nerds. Now that would be an interesting storyline if Spencer and Lucas hooked up!

Lucy, however, couldn’t pick just one guy so she chose a combination of three. She adores Ezra because he’s awkward, sweet, cute and quiet, but she’s also into Caleb because he’s a bad boy. But you can’t forget Spencer’s ex-boyfriend Alex and his “Latin sauveness," she explained.

Also true to her character, Shay is interested in Toby. She confessed that she can't enough of his big blue eyes.

Which PLL star do you think is the hottest?

Source: Much Music

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