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Gossip Girl

This Week’s Hottest in Gossip Girl Season 4, Episode 12: “The Kids Are Not All Right”

Who's the hottest GGer of them all? Let’s see which Gossip Girl characters came out on top in Season 4, Episode 12, “The Kids Are Not All Right.”

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW © 2010 The CW Network, LLC.    

Hottest Guy: Dan
1. He’s standing up to Serena. Dan has always been either weirdly judgmental about things Serena can’t control (like her wealth) or way to forgiving of things she can (like her lack of consideration). Good to see he’s finding a happy, mature medium. This week, anyway.
2. He’s the voice of reason in his family. Dan is the only van der Bassphrey not currently at war with any of the others.
3. Dan and Blair’s whatever. We were not expecting to be on board with this whole Dair thing, but we have to admit, their dialogue has some snap to it. We just might be converts.

Hottest Girl: Blair
1. She’s finally got her minions in line. Every time Blair puts that swallowing-bile look on Penelope’s face, an angel gets its wings.
2. She’s planning for her future. We knew all along that Blair could only be the next Anna Wintour. We’re glad she finally knows it too.
3. Seriously, Dan and Blair. We’re as surprised as you are.

01.28.2011 / 06:06 AM EDT by Melinda Taub
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