What Is the Grenade Whistle From Jersey Shore?
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Jersey Shore

What Is the Grenade Whistle From Jersey Shore?

Last night's episode of Jersey Shore marked the debut of the grenade whistle, a horn Vinny pulled out of nowhere and sounded while Mike was trying to disarm his grenade.

But what exactly is the grenade whistle, and, you must be wondering, where can you get one of your own? Well, Season 3 of Jersey Shore filmed last summer during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which, that year, took place in South Africa. The vuvuzela is a traditional South African instrument that has long been a staple of South African soccer matches, so, naturally, it became the symbol of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Basically, its loud and obnoxious sound is good for stirring up raucous energy at soccer games, while coaches complain that it throws the players off, newscasters complain that their commentary can't be heard over the sound, and stick-in-the-mud fans complain that they cause deafness (which, technically, they do). Well, actually, they almost got banned from the World Cup, but, thankfully, FIFA determined that making them verboten would take away from the South African soccer experience.

So, what more perfect accessory could there possibly be in the Shore house! Noisy, annoying, monotonous, controversial, a flair for getting kicked out of public arenas? The vuvuzela and Jersey Shore are a match made in heaven. Or, the grenade whistle is a complete bastardization of a South African cultural icon. Whichever.