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Nikita Power Rankings for Season 1, Episode 12: “Free”

Now that Alex is “free,” things are crazier than ever in the land of super-spies! The good news is that Nikita ALWAYS has a plan. But who’s winning in the war between Division and Nikita? Here we take a look at who is on top, who’s losing and who’s dead.

Ranking: 9

Gain: She finally got out of the prison-like Division Headquarters. She has a closet full of clothes, a new car, a sweet apartment and a hot neighbor. She can also go through 7 jars of Marshmallow Fluff and remain a size 0.

Loss: She has a “kill chip” implanted in her neck, which could destroy her at any moment. Kind of puts a damper on the other stuff. Plus, she’s still got work to do and she’s still haunted by the death of Thom. Not to mention, her flirtation with her new neighbor could only lead to disaster.

Ranking: 8

Gain: He was uncuffed and released from the CIA intact. Plus, he got to go to the comic book store!

Loss: First off, we found out he had to grow up with the first name “Seymour.” No wonder he goes by his last name. Secondly, he was given a beat-down and tossed inside a van, taken to the CIA and interrogated. Finally, he gave up his password rather than have another chip implanted in his tooth. And he never even got the energy drink he asked for.

Ranking: 7

Gain: He got really, really close to capturing Nikita again! He, like Birk, was also uncuffed and freed from the CIA HQ.

Loss: He just never gets to Nikita in time. After fighting a dozen armed guards to get to her, he had to suffer the indignity of watching Nikki steal a guard’s key card and escape.

Ranking: 6

Gain: He has a really pretty new neighbor! And she knows Kung-Fu!

Loss: His pretty new neighbor totally ruined his par-tay when she karate chopped a party crasher. Not to mention, he better control whatever crush he has on her or he’ll be a goner!

Ranking: 5

Gain: She’s got the dirt on Alex and she’s dangling this over Alex’s head! Plus, she got the satisfaction of giving Alex an extremely bitchy goodbye hug.

Loss: Will she ever be a real agent? It seems like she’ll be stuck in Division forever, wearing the same old jog bra and boxing the same old Tae Bo Buddies. Meanwhile, she has to watch her sworn enemy, Alex, graduate, all because Alex killed the man
Jaden loved. We’re pretty sure Thom was the only friend she ever had.

Ranking: 4

Gain: He still thinks he’s doing a great job. His cluelessness means he’ll never rank too low. And he’s successfully implanted a kill chip in an agent’s neck. He must be sick with power!

Loss: Unbeknownst to him, precious little Seymour gave up his supercomputer password without much of a fight, which allowed Nikki to present a communiqué to all of Division’s recruits. He could be looking at a full-scale mutiny!

Ryan Fletcher
Ranking: 3

Gain: After his South American exploits, he’s become the toast of the town in Washington DC, wining and dining hot blondes in fancy restaurants! And he’s getting closer to getting some real dirt on Division. And did we mention Nikita KISSED him?

Loss: His little “kidnapping Birkhoff” escapade got him demoted. Now he’s sittin’ at the bar drinkin’ the cheap stuff. Plus, Percy would have him killed except for the fact that he’s “too hot.” They’ll probably just try to brainwash him instead.

Ranking: 2

Gain: She nabbed Birkhoff’s password, sent a communiqué to all of Division, and successfully rerouted the chip in Alex’s neck. And she managed to escape the CIA building where Michael failed.

Loss: She’s still not sure what to do about that pesky kill chip in her BFF’s neck!

Ranking: 1

Gain: She knows about Alex’s neighbor! And there’s nothing Amanda loves more than getting the dirt on someone.

Loss: She didn’t get to do any cosmetology or interrogation!

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