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Jersey Shore

Snooki’s Ex Emilio Retracts His Deena Hate Tweets

Emilio betrayed one of the most important pillars of responsible drinking: don't drink and tweet. Come on, didn't he see The Social Network? He had a messy run-in with Deena Thursday night and vented about it via Twitter, which, of course, he didn't remember the next morning. But what happened between Emilio and Deena? Oh, you know, your typical club VIP access shenanigans.

“We were both at a club, in separate VIP areas with our friends, and I went to talk to Deena but she totally dissed me and wouldn’t talk to me in front of people, and she refused to let me enter her VIP area,” said Emilio. “But then later, a bouncer came over to me and said Deena wanted to talk to me after the club and gave me two hotel room numbers to go to later and meet with her...So I went to one of the rooms, and it was the wrong one – I ended up waking her mother up at 4 am!"

Credit: Nigel Patrick / Splash News    

Awkward! So, naturally, Emilio's immediate, mature, and incredibly logical reaction was to take to Twitter, call Deena names, and address to Snooki that he smushed her BFF.

Emilio later apologized and said, "I would never sleep with Deena, I wouldn’t lower my standards like that and I wouldn’t do that to Snooki."

Well, you know, if that counts as an apology...

Source: RadarOnline