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Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Long and Financially Troubled Road to Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’s Wedding

With the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale around the corner, we are giddy with anticipation for Cynthia and Peter to finally say "I do." We're guessing they're ready to get these vows over with themselves, with all of the dramz leading up to their big day. Here, we recount all of the obstacles Cynthia and Peter tackled on their way to their T-Rex altar.

The Fourth Time's the Charm

First and foremost, Peter had his work cut out for him from the get-go. His blushing bride is no stranger to the whole engagement thing — in fact, she's a downright pro. You see, the supermodel seems to be a bit of a commitment-phobe, with an alarming THREE previous fiances before Peter came along. What's more, Peter actually had to give her an ultimatum. Impressive.

Peter Gives Cynthia the Proposal of Her... Nightmares

Cynthia is less than thrilled with the way Peter proposes. Not only is she bummed that the moment majorly lacked intimacy — Peter popped the question in front of an audience, like real live people in the room with them, not just the TV audience — and it was a surprise. The thing is, Cynthia hates surprises more than anything. Fail. Still, the ring is huge, so that helps.

Dress Shopping Turns to Sobbing

When Cynthia and her sis Mallory hit up the shops in search of the perfect dress, Cynthia ends up breaking down into tears over her fears of being stuck in a marriage. Isn't this supposed to be the fun part?

Peter and NeNe Butt Heads

Things get tense between the "happy" couple when an argument starts up between Peter and NeNe. We can't even remember how it all began, but we know how it ended: with Cynthia presenting NeNe with a crazy Friendship Contract. Meanwhile, Peter's annoyed that Cynthia's constantly on the phone with her new bestie, but considering Cynth was so eager and willing to sign a contract with NeNe but forced him into having to give her an ultimatum for similar vows, we can kinda see why he's jealous.

Never Too Early for Some Couple's Counseling... Right?

Shortly after Cynthia books her dream venue, Fernbank Museum — obviously, this girl was one of those huge Jurassic Park fans — Peter reveals that Uptown Supper Club is on the brink of going under. Nice timing. This is especially unfortunate given that Cynthia invested a load of her own money into the restaurant, which Peter doesn't seem to think he needs to pay back now that they're getting hitched and stuff. Enter Hill Harper, relationship expert. So, a few months before the wedding, Peter and Cynthia are already in counseling. Hello, red flags!

And... The Dinosaur Dung Hits the Fan

The good news is Uptown is no longer on the brink of going under. The bad news is that's because Peter officially closed down the restaurant. When he gives Cynthia the news — clearly, they're enough of a team for him not to pay her back, but not that much of a team to discuss these types of decisions together — she bursts into tears because now they might not be able to pay for all the dinosaurs and stuff. Naturally, her first instinct is to call off the wedding, which sends Peter into a tizzy, which makes her cry even more. In the end, he consoles her and promises not to tell her anything ever again. Um, worst solution ever.

A Bachelorette Weekend to Forget

Poor Cynthia can't even catch a break when she's trying to have fun. Her bachelorette weekend in Miami is totes sabotaged by her supposed BFF NeNe, who can't get over her dramz with Kim long enough to let Cynthia have a good time. Weak! When Kandi asks about her honeymoon plans, Cynth runs out of the room crying, and later reveals that they might not be able to afford the wedding, let alone any exotic vacations. Sigh. Well, at least there were strippers.

Runaway Bride?

So here we are, days away from this season's finale, which promises us a wedding. This week's sneak peek shows Peter looking dapper, guests dressed to the nines, Mr. T-Rex in his place... there's just one thing missing: Cynthia. The bride is behind the scenes, having a small anxiety attack in her stunning silver gown. Will she make her entrance? Will she run from love once again? We think we all know the answer here, given her current marital status. Still, the suspense and anticipation sure is a lot of fun.

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