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The Top 5 WTF Moments for Nikita Season 1, Episode 12,

Nikita Gets Into the CIA Building Wearing a Ski Mask!
Nikita has trouble exiting the CIA Building – she has to fight armed guards and steal one of their key cards to do so, but she has no problem getting into the building clad in a black ski mask that she is STILL WEARING when she walks into Ryan’s office! Maybe the guards were all on break when she walked in or maybe they find nothing suspicious about someone wearing a ski mask into CIA Headquarters. Nikki even points out that it’s hard to “breathe” in the thing. Good point, Nikki. Maybe check your ski mask at the front desk?

Birk Gives Up His Password Without A Fight!
We are never gonna trust Seymour Birkhoff with our passwords! Why? Because he starts singin’ like a bird the second Nikita steps in the room! And all because she threatens to insert another chip in his tooth! Unless she has very big pockets that we didn’t notice, she doesn’t appear to have any oral surgical tools on her so we’re not sure why he takes the threat so seriously. Stupidly, he then gives up his password, compromising his life, his job and Division. Maybe he just really wanted to go home and get that energy drink.

Why Did They Have a Doctor in the First Place? They’re All Surgeons!
Remember redheaded perv doctor who got cancelled several weeks ago for putting the moves on Alex? Why did they have him on staff anyway? They’re all capable surgeons! Apparently, one of the things you learn at spy school is how to do surgery on your fellow spies! From implanting kill chips in their necks to Bluetooth chips in their teeth, it’s easy. No doctor required!

Division Knows More About Alex Now Than When She Was at Division!
Isn’t it strange how Amanda knows all about Alex’s neighbor Nathan and that she spent time in another apartment, but Amanda had absolutely no clue what Alex was doing when she lived right under her nose. When Alex was living at Division, she was breaking curfew, sneaking into Percy’s office, messaging with Nikita and stealing Intel, but no one noticed because there were no cameras. Now that Alex has her own pad, they suddenly know exactly where she is at all times.

Nathan Pursues Alex Post-Party-Meltdown
Men must really like crazy women because you think Nathan might step back after he sees that A.) Alex’s groceries are comprised mostly of Marshmallow Fluff and B.) She busts out deadly Kung-Fu moves at parties! But, nope. He’s still curious. We’ve been shunned for a lot less! Side Note: If Nathan has an apartment why is he always in the hallway? We have neighbors and we hardly ever see them. That’s because they’re usually inside the apartments where they live.

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