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Alex’s Fashion Hits and Misses From Nikita Season 1, Episode 12: “Free”

Best: Gray Pinup Dress

We love it when the laydees of Nikita take a cue from the fashions on Mad Men. The cap-sleeved gray dress Alex wore while saying goodbye to Division was super hot, a fact that probably made Jaden (who’s still relegated to a life of gym clothes) super pissed. It was like pouring salt in Jaden’s wounds! No wonder the neighbors are offering to carry Alex’s groceries. If Division doesn’t want her hookin’ up with civilians, they ought to keep her in bulky sweaters (see below.)

Worst: Teensy Weensy Cropped Dark Denim Jacket

Don’t get us wrong: We thought Alex’s lil dungaree jacket looked cute. We also know she’s pretending to be a “Youth Trend Analyst” for a marketing company so she’s not trying to look like a spy, but she could at least wear something a touch more fabulous and stretchy. This jacket was so starched we don’t know how she managed to move her arms in it, let alone karate chop an annoying party guest while wearing it!

This getup also had us confused about the climate in “Spyville” a.k.a. New Jersey. One second she’s got on a super-heavy fisherman’s sweater that looks like it was stolen off the set of an Old Spice commercial. (She actually wore two separate fisherman’s sweaters this episode.) And the next second she’s wearing a t-shirt and denim jacket as if it’s spring! Either the weather in Spyville is insanely unpredictable or Little A needs to tune in to the Weather Channel.

Honorable Mention Worst: Michael’s Pleated Pants

Maybe Michael just “likes the way they feel,” but we wish he’d head on over to Men’s Warehouse and have a chat with George Zimmer about the same gray pleated pants he wears every episode. Maybe Percy is cutting down on Division’s costs by making Michael rotate the same two outfits every episode.

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