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Dancing With The Stars

Brooke Burke Muses on Motherhood

Dancing With the Stars co-host Brooke Burke is more than just a pretty face (and killer body). She’s also a new author. Her book Naked Mom deals with the ups and downs of being a mother, a job Brooke considers the most important on Earth.

ABC's running an excerpt from the book explaining about why Brooke decided to write it. See a small sampling below.

Lover, fighter, giver, taker, hero, villain, soul mate, bitch, spouse, daughter, sister, coach, seductress, ice queen, protector, chauffeur, chef, hostess, boss, trophy, caregiver, confidante, choreographer, director, playmate, maid, diva, martyr, negotiator, diplomat, nurse, gardener, cheerleader, hunter, gatherer, survivor, decision maker, counselor, vixen, fixer, dreamer, faker, mind reader, partner, accomplice, volunteer, drill sergeant, entrepreneur, juggler, clown, domestic engineer, goddess, witch, teacher, warior, banker, concubine, geek, spy, dairy bar, mistress, referee, fashionista, dancer, femme fatale, peacemaker, nurturer, judge, jury, comedienne, shrew, lioness, actress, champion, bodyguard, CEO, role model, best friend, competitor, advocate, manager, rescuer, sprinter, courier, princess, saint, sinner, networker, homemaker, employee, slave, dictator, rebel, servant, healer, politician, magician, muse.

How many different words describe you? A handful? A hundred? That's why I wanted to write this book, because I believe passionately that motherhood is so much more than the sum of its countless roles and dog-eared labels...

How inspirational! Read the rest of the excerpt here.

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