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Top 3 Grossest Moments From Bones Season 6, Episode 11: “The Bullet in the Brain”

Bones continued its trend of "explosive" episodes last week. With a title like "The Bullet in the Brain," you had to know something massively disgusting was in the works. Read on for the three grossest moments from last Thursday's eppy. Warning: Eat first, because this may kill your appetite.

3. Cranials, fragments, and hair — oh, why?
After a sniper takes out Heather Taffet via bullet to the noggin, leaving us with the Gravedigger as a blood-spewing, headless corpse, the Jeffersonian folks have to put her skull back together. We understand it’s part of the investigation and all, but did they have to keep showing us those redheaded cranial fragments? So gross!

2. Whatever happened to the Smashing Pumpkins, anyway?
Don't lie, you know you replayed this scene in slow-motion a good dozen times or so. We certainly are guilty of abusing our DVRs in order to watch the Gravedigger's head explode and come back together over and over. In case you missed it, when Heather Taffet, aka the Gravedigger, is en route to the courthouse for her final appeal, a sniper with mad skillz nails her in the dome with a bullet so large and powerful that her head literally explodes like some sort of newfangled electronic piñata. Instead of hard candies and Hershey kisses, however, the scattered rewards are skull fragments and brain globs. Um, thanks, but we'll pass. Unfortunately, Sweets doesn't have a choice in the matter (get it? “matter”?), as he’s only a few feet away from the Gravedigger when she gets shot.

1. Splish, splash, stay away from the bath!
After watching a woman's head explode into slimy smithereens, we thought for sure that would score the most points on our gross-o-meter. But this is Bones, and we should have known better. When Booth and Brennan go to check out Tracy Lavek's apartment, which appears to be the sniper's location at the time of the shooting, Brennan notices a funny smell emanating from the bathroom. Uh-oh, that's never a good sign. When the pair go to investigate, they find that the bathtub is sealed shut with masking tape and heavy-duty garbage bags — also a troubling sign. We knew it would be bad when Booth tore back the tape, but we weren't expecting it to be quite that bad. Not only was Tracy enjoying a literal bloodbath, she was also half skeleton since the tub was filled with Drano. When Brennan covers her nose and runs out of the room, the smell must be really bad.

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