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Will Booth and Bones Ever Get Together?

This question has been in the back — or at the forefront — of every fan's mind since the very first episode when Bones and Booth teamed up to... . Six seasons have passed, and we still have no answer. It's maddening to see two people so in love, and yet stubborn and scared — it has all the makings of a fabulous romance! Despite our frustration (and Brennans' sexual frustration), one thing is for sure: It's been fun to watch their relationship unfold.

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Now, the fun part...

Reasons Booth and Brennan will hook up:

1. Friends make the best lovers

Booth and Brennan have become good friends over the last six years. They know each other's quirks, and they’re comfortable with one another. Time and again, Booth has proven that he is literally willing to risk his life for Brennan. And when she runs into his arms after being saved, we know they’re totally in love — even if Brennan hasn't figured it out quite yet.

2. Booth and that pesky girlfriend
Despite the fact that Booth appears to be head-over-heels in love with Hannah, she could be good news for those hoping Booth and Brennan will finally hook up. Booth rebounded quickly — too quickly — from his broken heart, and we know those romances never last... no matter how solid they look on the surface. As for Brennan, sometimes it takes the shock of seeing your true love slip away right before your eyes to pull you from your fear of commitment.

3. Brennan needed time to analyze it all in her head
We were majorly disappointed when Booth poured his heart out to Brennan and she seemed scared rather than touched. But we get it: Hyper-logical Brennan needs to work it all out in her head before she can commit. Now that Booth made the first step, Brennan needs to work up the courage to admit her feelings and act on them. This will happen; it'll just take her awhile.

4. They have to get together because they just do
Booth and Brennan have fallen into the easy type of relationship long-married couples enjoy. The one problem is that they skipped the hot-and-heavy romance step — which is the best part, no? Never fear, because it's been bubbling away, ready to surface. We've seen it during the mistletoe kiss, the hugs, and even the way they touch each other's sleeve repeatedly while solving a case. Twitterer lulu_bella summed up the way we all feel when she tweeted, "Bones and Booth HAVE TO BE TOGETHER. UGH. This is so dumb."

Verdict: We've got three reasons they won't and four reasons they will. All signs point to yes!

Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX    

First, we'll get the potential negative ending out of the way...

Reasons they won't:

1. It's been too long

There comes a time in every relationship when you move past the possibility of romance. You become pals, and if given the opportunity to hook up, you just pass. It'd be like kissing your brother!

2. Brennan rebuffed Booth
Booth opened his heart and confessed to Brennan that he loved her. What's more, he loved her from the first. Doesn't your heart melt? Haven't you waited your whole life to hear these words from a man? We sure have. So what's a girl to say that kind of admission? If you're Brennan, you say "What?" and "I can't change." Real nice.

3. Booth has a girlfriend now
Booth rebounded rather nicely, didn't he? Got his heart broken, went off to a dangerous land with guns and fighting, and came back with a gorgeous blonde, Hannah, in tow. What's worse? Brennan is sad about the whole thing but seems to accept it because she just wants Booth to be happy. Don't we just want to slap this girl silly? Fight for your man, Bones!