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The Bachelor

Brad Womack: “I Was Very Proud of Emily”

Brad Womack is weird sometimes. Like, who asks about embalming at dinner, then laughs hysterically about his date’s cat?

In his blog about The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 5, Brad gets silly about his date with Shawntel Newton then gets very serious in defending himself (through thinly veiled barbs at the producers) about bringing Emily Maynard on the NASCAR date.

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Shawntel: “I especially enjoyed the evening part of my date with Shawntel. We had an amazing conversation and I felt like I got to know her very well. This was Shawntel's first time in Las Vegas, so to have a shopping spree, dinner on the roof of the Aria hotel and her own fireworks display to end the evening — it was an over-the-top experience for her! You can see in my interview (that evening with Shawntel) that I was laughing hysterically. There was something about the fact that we were talking about Shawntel's cat, Peaches, that I found to be so funny. Long story, but I couldn't stop laughing!”

The NASCAR date: “Now on to the date that everyone seems to be talking about ... the NASCAR date. I want to be very clear: I had absolutely no idea the extent of Ricky's (Emily's ex-fiancé) involvement with NASCAR. I never — not for anything in this world — would have taken Emily to the racetrack in Las Vegas if I had known. It was only in the middle of the actual date that I found out everything about Emily's past. On a positive note, I was very proud of Emily for driving the car instead of shutting down. It showed an immense amount of strength and courage on her part. I know it was an emotional experience for her and I tried my best to comfort her while not overstepping my boundaries. […] Trying to comfort Emily as much as I did obviously caused some drama during the final part of the group date. I empathize with the women because I know time is limited, but I also wish everyone would have been more understanding. In no way did I feel sorry for Emily (because I think she's moved on). I simply wanted to be there for her in a time of need.”

2-On-1 Date: “I chose ‘the Ashleys’ for this date because my feelings for both of them were strong enough that I had to put myself in a position to make a very hard choice. It may not make sense to some of you, but that's the best way I can explain it. One thing I didn't realize is how close they had become in the house. I honestly didn't know that they were ‘best friends.’ I didn't intentionally put these women against each other — I promise that. My decision boiled down to just one thing: My feelings for Ashley H. were stronger. I can't define that specifically; it's just one of those things. It is what it is.”

Read the full blog for more from Bachelor Brad.

Source: People

02.2.2011 / 12:45 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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