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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison: “Michelle Is Playing Brad Perfectly”

Rosemaster Chris Harrison commends Michelle for her act in his Week 5 Entertainment Weekly blog, but not before talkin’ ‘bout the Ashleys, Marissa, and Lisa getting tatted up in Sin City.

Followers of Reality Steve's spoilers already read about the Las Vegas tattoos, but we didn't see the Kasey Kahl-esque moment play out during The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 5. Thankfully, Chris gives us a behind-the-scenes peek.

Chris Harrison: “Michelle Is Playing Brad Perfectly”
Credit: Isaac Brekken/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

Tats: "Ashley H., Ashley S., Marissa, Lisa, and Alli decided to go out and get tattoos. Because we don’t do anything normal, we hooked them up with Mario Barth at King Ink at the Mirage. This might surprise you but I’m not a big 'tat' guy, but this dude is a legend. He generally has a two-year waiting list and did tats for celebs like Lenny Kravitz, Usher, Stallone, and many more. The two Ashleys got matching roses right above their ankles. Ashley S. got hers in blue to honor her father (Kentucky bluegrass). Lisa got a rose tattoo below her ankle. Marissa got a white rose on her wrist. Alli chickened out — or wised up, depending on how you look at it — and didn’t get one. We did shoot this but because it was such an emotional episode it just didn’t fit and we didn’t have time to do so anyway."

So can that be a deleted scene? That would be the only footage Lisa had for most of the season, so they kinda owe it to her.

The Ashley H. vs. Ashley S. situation: "Oh, did I mention that they were such good friends they slept in the same bed with that big teddy bear you saw at the end of the show? The girls were positive Alli and Britt would be the two on this date. Once the two Ashleys found out, they spent the entire day crying. They didn’t want to compete against each other but in the end this isn’t about building a friendship with each other, it’s about finding love with Brad. This date and this situation really brought out some insecurities in Ashley S. It was almost like she knew she wasn’t going to get the rose the moment she got picked for the date. Her tearful goodbye was really tough to watch. She’s a very sweet girl and you just wanted to give the poor girl a hug."

More on Michelle: "I want to remind you that Brad doesn’t know anything that he doesn’t see or hear for himself. I’d like to get your opinion on if you think that at this point Michelle is playing Brad perfectly. She seems to know just what to say and just what to do to keep Brad on edge and interested."

A note to Marissa: "Marissa was one of the ladies who didn’t receive a rose this week. Brad handed her a note as she was leaving. He did this because she had written him notes along the way. It was a thank you and a heartfelt belief that she would find the right guy. It made her cry and gave her closure.”

On-the-scene videos: "One thing we’ve added that I love is giving the girls their own flip cameras to shoot as they travel. From time to time we’ll include some of their video in the show. Next week we leave the desert of Vegas for the rain forest of Costa Rica. By the way, if you don’t think your comments are being heard how about this: So many of you voiced your opinions about the ladies’ ages not being included, we have decided to bring them back. Starting next week the women’s ages will be included."

See! Sometimes ABC does listen to the fans! Just after they make America's sweetheart relive the worst experience of her life over and over again.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

02.2.2011 / 01:57 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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